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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software

Design quality products faster and improve profit margins – with on-premise and cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software from SAP.

Design to customer demand and product individualization with PLM software

Enable faster and better decisions on product design to meet highly variable and individualized customer requirements with SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) solutions.


Industry 4.0

Connect production with end-to-end process execution across the supply chain

Product Overview

Amplify your operation’s speed, profitability, quality, and compliance by connecting every aspect of your supply chain with product lifecycle management software.


Thorough portfolio management

Submit project proposals, prioritize them with the current portfolio, and monitor and review their progress.

Project management

Manage projects, tasks, and timelines, while identifying critical paths, assigning resources, and tracking progress.

Resource management and optimization

Optimize resource utilization by finding the right resources, checking availability, and avoiding project bottlenecks.


Product cost calculation and simulation

Support a modern approach to flexible, real-time calculations and target costing with SAP HANA.

Data modeling and extensibility

Apply custom attributes, fields, and formulas, while maintaining local master data and integrating with enterprise and Microsoft Excel software.

Comprehensive pricing features

Expand transparency by using existing cost-relevant information and calculating overhead with a choice of costing sheets.


Interface for authoring tools

Get a complete overview of required information from SAP solutions, including bills of material and material master data.

Comprehensive integration features

Accommodate different CAD system requirements and data models and benefit from high-performance file handling.

Intelligent process support

Provide a comprehensive presentation of all product development information.


Requirements acquisition and management

Boost design and development productivity by combining engineering and business data across the enterprise.

Product collaboration and enterprise visualization

Collaborate more efficiently by using tools, such as workflows, task management, built-in 3D viewer support, and refinement.

Simulation-based digital twin and virtual sensors 

Perform what-if simulations to optimize services and create connected products based on IoT-enabled engineering models.


Electrical design management

Automate engineering change, validation, and approval processes to speed cycle time and improve quality and collaboration.

Bill of materials (BOM) management

Provide a complete, up-to-date source of information and ensure accurate product definitions through flexible BOM management.

Document management

Align product design and documentation with changes to reduce development time and cost and collaborate on artwork design and proofing.


Product marketability and chemical compliance

Track regulated substances, verify products for compliance requirements, and ensure compliance along the product lifecycle.

Safety data sheet and label management

Streamline component and product classification and automate safety data sheet and label creation.

Dangerous goods management

Classify dangerous goods, ensure compliance of shipments with transport regulations, and provide dangerous goods documents.

See how customers are succeeding with PLM software from SAP

What are analysts saying about innovations in R&D and PLM software?

See how sustainable design reduces climate impacts

Explore how product design is central to sustainability initiatives to cut emissions and waste from the supply chain.

Connect the product lifecycle across the enterprise

Manage the lifecycle of smart, connected products with digital technologies spanning across your business and extended enterprise.

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Industry 4.Now with Franz Hero

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