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SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

Key Benefits

Extend SAP software systems to employees, customers, and partners – even on mobile devices – with the SAP Interactive Forms software by Adobe.

Product Capabilities

Simple User Interface Based on Interactive Electronic Forms

Develop interactive e-forms with a familiar look and feel that drive business process automation through a direct link to back-end applications and workflows.

  • Provide a single, streamlined user experience using interactive electronic forms
  • Accelerate the deployment of large numbers of forms-based business processes
  • Complete data entry online or offline using dynamic or static e-forms
Industry Standard Portable Document Format (PDF) Electronic Forms

Develop interactive, electronic forms quickly and intuitively, and access them anywhere from stationary or mobile devices using ubiquitous Adobe Reader software.

  • Leverage SAP NetWeaver to integrate e-forms directly into business processes
  • Import, customize, and create interactive electronic forms to meet specific needs
  • Define the business logic of each e-form and assign the usage model
Centralization of Interactive Electronic Forms
Centralize electronic forms and data to help ensure access to the most current versions of all enterprise forms using SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.
  • Support version control to help ensure usage of the most current electronic forms
  • Route forms according to predefined workflows to decrease the risk of lost e-forms
  • Prevent accidental deletion of documents and unauthorized changes to content
Pre-population of Electronic Form Data
Minimize costly data-entry errors when accessing interactive, electronic forms. Accelerate business process execution with automatic prepopulating of data.
  • Bridge structured application data and unstructured document processes
  • Increase business process agility via automation and enhanced data accuracy
  • Distribute data to databases, business processes, departments, and other forms
Regulatory Compliance and Access Control
Create a defensible audit trail that meets regulatory and corporate compliance requirements for all interactive electronic forms that your organization uses.
  • Prevent unauthorized access of interactive e-forms and related systems
  • Ensure document integrity via controlled read- and write-access rights
  • Ensure the use of digital signatures for additional document integrity
  • Simplify the use of industry- and government-mandated forms
External Collaboration and Easier Access to Electronic Forms
Deliver interactive electronic forms to new users and business partners across multiple stationary or mobile devices, whether online or offline.
  • Collaborate with suppliers, customers, and partners unfamiliar with back-end systems
  • Extend access to mobile workers not actively connected to back-end software
  • Support geographical distributions with multiple-language versions of e-forms
Jump-start your SAP solution implementation and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and support engineers throughout your journey.
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