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Join us for an on-demand replay of the HXM Digital Summit event

Every business needs a workforce that’s ready to respond

Get practical tips from the analysts on how to deploy your talent for business resiliency and continuity while transforming the employee experience at the individual, team, organizational level and systems.

Reimagine employee learning and recruiting solutions for today’s world

Learn how SAP SuccessFactors solutions can help you reskill your workforce and realign resources to fill critical roles.

The role of human experience management in delivering personal growth

Understand the common challenges with learning and development—and see how you can reshape your strategy to create a better employee experience.

Adopting a modern and strategic recruiting approach in today’s unprecedented times

Learn how a modern recruiting approach can create a strong employer brand, a data-driven candidate experience, and an inclusive and efficient recruitment strategy in today’s changing times.

How can SAP SuccessFactors help?

Navigate your rapidly changing workforce and harness cloud technology to build a human-powered intelligent enterprise.

Welcome to the age of human experience

Engage employees, spark motivation, improve agility, and build technology bridges with a connected platform.

Move your strategy forward

Hear about the vision, strategy, and value of SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Get a complete picture of your workforce

Give your HR professionals a complete picture of their workforce with contextual insights to make confident decisions faster – all with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Untold stories from the frontier of human experience management (HXM)

Welcome to HR Untold – a new series that explores how companies are transforming human experiences in the real world. Hosted by SAP SuccessFactors CMO, Kirsten Allegri Williams, the series dives into untold HXM stories at some of the world’s biggest brands. 


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