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Every business is a people business

HR is one of your most strategic, yet costly, areas. With the combination of HR and finance solutions from SAP, you gain a cohesive system to holistically manage your
people and spend, while aligning your people strategy with your business strategy.

Achieve better business outcomes

Realize shared business goals – such as improving the employee experience – across HR and finance.

HR and finance can join forces to bring your company strategy to life

See how HR and finance organizations can collaborate to build an agile and engaged workforce for the future, improve compliance, and keep spend in check.

Empower your workforce by linking HR and finance

Combine HR and finance data to become an intelligent enterprise at your own pace and discover how bringing them together in one place benefits everyone.

Unite the heart and the brain of your company

Shape the future of your entire business with an engaged and well-developed workforce by closely aligning HR strategy and financial planning.

Collaborate across the business to execute on strategic mandates

Drive new finance priorities for the future

See how collaboration across finance, HR, and other functions is helping CFOs execute strategic directives and steer the business in a changing environment. 

SAP understands the financial impact of your people strategy

Impact your business value by turning employees into ambassadors for your brand, culture, and customers.

Workforce planning

Hire the right talent in alignment with financial reporting and forecasting.

Performance analysis

Get a real-time assessment of performance and profitability to enable better investment decisions.

Operations automation

Eliminate payroll and housekeeping errors that distract from the core business.


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