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What does the future of HR look like – and what are the hot topics today? Explore the latest human resource trends, research, and insights from HR transformation experts.

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Hear how you can create learning experiences that inspire.

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The future of work has arrived, and businesses and employees are adapting and learning what it takes to be resilient.


How artificial intelligence (AI) can end harmful human bias

People tend to make sense of the world by looking for patterns, filtering them through what we think we already know, and making decisions accordingly. When we talk about handing decisions off to AI, we expect it to do the same, but better.

New workforce challenges emerge as remote work expands

A survey by Oxford Economics and SAP reports that post-pandemic, human resource managers expect to be faced with a divided workforce of remote and on-site workers, leading to challenges with balancing employee needs, organizational goals, policies, and culture.

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See how you can deliver compliance training and leverage compliance reporting to reduce risk.

Increase learner engagement

Find out how employees and partners can benefit from a user-friendly learning environment. 

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View the latest articles, research, demos, and videos to understand how our HR solutions can help you address your business needs.

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