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Right-size SAP HANA to optimize performance and costs

Ensure the success of your SAP HANA implementation with accurate sizing – an iterative process for translating business requirements into hardware requirements. We provide the tools and resources to help you strike the right balance between performance and cost – whether you are implementing SAP HANA for the first time or are migrating from another database.


SAP HANA sizing covers all hardware components that are critical for IT performance: CPU sizing as defined by your hardware vendor, memory sizing for static data and objects created during runtime, and disk sizing to ensure sufficient memory for backup and archived data.

These resources show you how to estimate these requirements depending on your use case.

Sizing Fundamentals and Tools

Find out more about sizing fundamentals and the tools available to help optimize your total cost of ownership in this document.
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Size new SAP HANA deployments

Learn more on the fundamentals of sizing in this interview with an SAP HANA sizing expert.

Get an overview of sizing SAP HANA

Find out about the different use cases for sizing SAP HANA. This video tutorial takes you through the relevant documentation and SAP Notes – and includes a demo of the available tools.
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Size new SAP HANA deployments

Size your first SAP HANA deployment with our Quick Sizer tool. This demo shows you how to start a new project and input data, when to choose user-base sizing over super-base sizing, and more.  

Size your migration requirements

Plan to migrate SAP Business Warehouse from any database to SAP HANA? This video walks you through sizing using our interactive report to estimate your requirements – memory, sever nodes, and more.  

Additional Resources

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Tips for cost-optimizing SAP HANA infrastructure

Explore best practices to help you come up with the most cost-optimized SAP HANA landscape configuration for your migration.  

Cost-optimization for non-production usage

Find ways to cost-optimize your SAP HANA infrastructure for non-production usage, such as development and testing.  
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