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Watch the Business Technology Platform channel on June 18 to learn about using data to overcome today’s business challenges.

What can SAP HANA do for your enterprise?

SAP HANA provides the foundation for a data-driven enterprise to turn data into true business value.

SAP HANA turns ten

Gain insights on the past ten years and the future of SAP HANA.

SAP HANA Security

Address cybersecurity challenges and innovate with confidence, while taking steps to keep your systems secure and comply with the regulatory requirements of today's digital world.

Get started with the security capabilities of SAP HANA

Multipurpose platform

Support critical security scenarios, including access control, data encryption, and data center integration. 

Insight into security features

Access security reference information on SAP HANA, including guidance on network and communications security, user management, authentication and single sign-on, authorization, and data storage security.

Real-time data anonymization

Explore how the data anonymization capabilities of SAP HANA offer an opportunity to use your sensitive data in new value-added scenarios for your business.

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Manage access to information

Support access control processes for your critical data.

Manage access roles and privileges

Bundle and structure privileges for specific sets of dedicated user groups, based on standard SQL objects and SAP HANA-specific extensions for applications. 

Oversee user and identity provisioning

Integrate user administration and role assignment into existing provisioning infrastructures, while unifying custom user provisioning solutions with a SQL interface. 

Govern user authentication and connectivity

Access the data authentication functions available in SAP HANA, including password-related governance and a range of standards-based single sign-on options.

Activate continuous audit logging

Apply configurable, policy-based audit logging to record use of sensitive data, allow temporary access to critical systems, and integrate with existing infrastructures. 

Manage a secure system setup

Run SAP HANA in a variety of scenarios, environments, and infrastructure.

Build a network of safeguarded communications

Support TLS/SSL connection encryption for network communication channels across external client-server communications and a public-key infrastructure for internal channels. 

Protect sensitive data with encryption and masking

Facilitate various encryption scenarios – such as full data at rest, application data, and native backup – as well as dynamic data masking and a standard cryptographic library.

Support administration and configuration

Discover the vast range of tools that SAP HANA provides to monitor security-related settings, including SAP Solution Manager and a security dashboard in the SAP HANA cockpit.

Integrate your security infrastructure

Use industry standards and documented interfaces to integrate your security network and data center for single sign-on, identity management, compliance, audit logging, threat detection, and more

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Manage software security and patching

Benefit from a security strategy based on the lifecycle of secure software development.

Enhance your system with security patches and updates

Keep your deployment of SAP HANA up to date with the latest security upgrades, which are delivered on a monthly basis through the lifecycle management tools available in the platform.

Optimize software security with services and tools from SAP

Help ensure your SAP solution investments continue to run smoothly by taking action early on by leveraging various security tools and services before system issues impact the business.

Reap the benefits of a secure software development lifecycle

Provide a comprehensive framework of processes, guidelines, tools, and training to help keep security an integral component of your architecture, design, and implementation of SAP solutions. 

Resource Center for Security

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