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Image of SAP HANA software running on a computer monitor
High-performance in-memory database that provides advanced analytics on multimodel data, on premise and in the cloud

SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Features

SAP HANA offers a robust set of capabilities, including database management, database administration, data security, multi-model processing, application development, and data virtualization. 

Product road map

Learn about your current options, planned innovations, and future features.

Product release highlights

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Database Services

Simplify your IT landscape and reduce data management burdens with a unique and enterprise-proven database solution, SAP HANA

Database management with SAP HANA

Support transactional and analytical workloads on one instance of data, with built-in machine learning capabilities to augment business processes and simplify your IT environment. Extend your footprint and workloads across on-premise and cloud landscapes with a real-time, transparent gateway to local, virtualized, or distributed data.

  • Hybrid In-memory database: Extend your footprint and workloads across on-premise and cloud landscapes with a real-time, transparent gateway to local, virtualized, or distributed data.
  • Transactional and analytical processing: Support any type of data and run many different types of workloads.
  • Data modeling: Help ensure high performance with graphical models fostering collaboration between stakeholders achieving complex analyses in real-time.
  • Multitier storage: Optimize performance, cost, and storage while maximizing data value and accessibility to control your data effectively in the cloud.

Database administration

Create your foundation for reliable performance. Provide data that is secure and accessible, while simplifying IT operations to monitor and optimize processes and achieve continuous availability with the administration tools available in the SAP HANA in-memory database.

Monitor: Configure, tune, and monitor database performance. Perform core administration tasks and automate advanced operations.

Performance management: Predict the performance and cost impact of IT updates and safeguard the stability of your IT landscape during and after updates without disrupting business operations.

High availability and disaster recovery: Enable enterprise readiness in a cost-effective way for reliable, highly secure data centers that can support continuous delivery to customers.

Scripting and Development Tools: Ability to automate and customize applications, and perform commands on SAP HANA with greater ease.

Data security with SAP HANA

Address cybersecurity challenges and innovate with confidence, while taking steps to keep your systems secure and comply with the regulatory requirements of today's digital world. SAP HANA supports industry standards (e.g. SAML) and documented interfaces to enable integration with the customers’ security network and datacenter infrastructures such as for single-sign-on, identity management, audit logging, compliance tools and, threat detection and anti-virus checking.

Secure data and applications: Secure communications, data, and services with comprehensive identity, access management, and data anonymization to preserve privacy and trust.

Secure set-up: Encryption and secure communication is part of SAP HANA core feature set. 

Secure software: Enable the latest security upgrades, which are delivered on a monthly basis through the lifecycle management tools available in SAP HANA

Melanie Handreck


Expedite Your Security Configuration with SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05
Security configuration is the first step towards innovating with confidence with SAP HANA. Whether it’s integrating securely into an existing landscape or trying out new functionality for the first time, configuration takes careful consideration...

Data Virtualization

Provide a real-time gateway to all your data across applications, data storage, and the cloud enabling you to gain full business visibility.

Data quality: Improve the quality of your data – from standardization to enrichment – with built-in data quality capabilities and services. 

Data federation: Provide transparent, real-time data from other systems on demand.

Data integration and replication: Acquire business intelligence from any data source, for an integration option of your choice.

Application Development

Build intelligent, real-time applications seamlessly with built-in development and runtime capabilities, leveraging open standards and tools to help you create at your best. 

Simplified application architecture: Create modern applications faster with a dramatically simplified application architecture.

Application development languages: Leverage existing skills and the programming language that best fits your needs.  

Application development tools: Use a variety of application development tools optimized for SAP HANA that suit your needs, such as Eclipse, Web IDE, and ABAP-based development tools.

Smart Multi-Model

Innovate without boundaries by combining the ability to store, process and analyze multiple data types in a single, scalable solution. You can develop smart and real-time solutions with greater ease.

Multi-model processing: A unified database solution that stores, processes and analyzes geospatial, graph, JSON document, and more.

Native machine learning: Augment and improve business processes with data-driven insights from embedded and external machine learning.

Hybrid transactional and analytical processing: Innovate with modern applications that combine transactional and analytical workloads on a single data set.

SAP is Recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave for Multimodel Data Platforms, Q3 2021

Read the full report and discover how multimodel platforms help organizations deliver real-time, consistent, and trusted data to support new business requirements.

SAP HANA Cloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) components

Compatibility between on-premise and cloud deployments simplifies cloud adoption and the use of existing skills to harness hybrid data. Once in the cloud, you can analyze data with a variety of cloud solutions from SAP and deliver enterprise-class privacy, security, and compliance.

SAP HANA Cloud, data lake

A data lake is a repository for all types of data. From this repository, data can be examined, accessed, and used to make data-driven decisions. Deploying a cloud data lake helps your organization lower costs, improve performance, and gain easier access to large scale, low cost data that generates insights.

  • Ingest, store, and query large data volumes within a relational data lake that provides a native object storage for most file types
  • Support existing SAP IQ software, preserving existing Sybase investments
  • Migrate existing SAP IQ databases to your cloud of choice as a fully managed service

SAP HANA database

Support transactional and analytical workloads on one instance of data, with built-in machine learning capabilities to augment business processes and simplify your IT environment. Extend your footprint and workloads across on-premise and cloud landscapes with a real-time, transparent gateway to local, virtualized, or distributed data.

  • Benefit from in-memory speed and compression
  • Process and store business data with smart multi-model processing; machine learning; and graph, spatial, and document capabilities
  • Perform real-time, advanced analytics and high-performance transactions without tuning

Juergen Mueller
Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member at SAP

SAP HANA revolution

The SAP HANA Revolution When SAP first introduced the idea of the in-memory database SAP HANA in 2010, skeptics dismissed the idea as a “complete fantasy.” Relational databases on-premise had been the backbone of enterprise systems...

For data virtualization, SAP HANA Cloud supports many adapters from SAP HANA smart data access/SAP HANA smart data integration on-premises. Additionally, SAP HANA Cloud supports data virtualization from AWS Athena (S3) and Google BigQuery. For the Adaptive Server Enterprise service, you can use CIS Proxy Tables.

Yes. There are more than 100 built in machine learning algorithms.

Yes, SAP HANA supports industry standards and documented interfaces to enable integration with the customers’ security network and datacenter infrastructures, such as for single-sing-on (SSO), identity management, audit logging, compliance tools, threat detection, and anti-virus checking.

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