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Guides and Documentation

Find details and step-by-step instructions on how to deliver the SAP Fiori user experience for SAP S/4HANA to your users.

Implementation information

Find out everything there is to know about implementing SAP Fiori quickly and effortlessly – from initial planning to training.

SAP Fiori apps reference library

Get the information you need to plan and run your SAP Fiori implementation, and access all relevant content for SAP Fiori launchpad.

SAP Fiori online education

Try the Beacon approach to learning about SAP Fiori, whether you're new to SAP Fiori or want a refresher course.

SAP Fiori Community

Ask questions about SAP Fiori and share your knowledge and experiences with your peers.

SAP App Center

Explore the world of SAP Fiori apps in a central digital enterprise marketplace.

SAP Help Portal

Access all the information you need on SAP Fiori – from a general overview to in-depth configuration guides.

Get started

Plan your scope in advance

There are additional considerations, efforts, and resources you will need to maximize your experience using SAP Fiori with SAP S/4HANA.

Choose your SAP Fiori apps

Visit the SAP Fiori apps library and learn about business roles and apps available and relevant for your industry and line of business.

Check out SAP Fiori Lighthouse Scenarios

Get started with a few lighthouse examples to get started with what is possible in your area.

Find out about new SAP Fiori releases

Please see the SAP Product Availability Matrix* for the latest information on SAP Fiori software releases.

Plan your system landscape

Find information about required system landscape and the SAP Fiori deployment options and system landscape recommendations.

Size your servers

Use our Quick Sizer Tool* to get information, guidelines, and tools for sizing your front-end and back-end servers.

Convert your system

Generate the Readiness Check and refer to the section below for more information. Read this to start thinking about your SAP Fiori Scope.

Plan your custom development

We recommend using SAP Web IDE to customize SAP Fiori apps which are all based on SAPUI5.

Get ready to mobilize

Optimize your SAP Fiori apps for mobile performance and productivity with SAP Fiori Mobile Client and SAP Fiori mobile service.

Need help?

Contact SAP Digital Business Services or SAP Enterprise support services.

Explore SAP's UX Advisory Service

Find out more about the SAP Advisory Services.

Activate your selected SAP Fiori apps in either a sandbox (or development) landscape.

Use your sandbox to perform fit-gap analysis and decide where you want to adjust the solution to your requirements. To start, first download the software and set up your SAP Fiori infrastructure.

Download the software

Visit the SAP Fiori apps refererence librence library to find the required system landscape components for individual SAP Fiori apps or to generate aggregated implementation information. To install the software components downloaded from the SAP Maintenance Planner, we recommend you use the SAP Software Update Manager (SUM). Delivered as part of SAP’s Software Logistics Toolset, the SUM is a multi-purpose tool that supports processes for performing upgrades, installing enhancement packages, applying Support Package Stacks, or updating single components on SAP NetWeaver.

We recommend using a system landscape plan from the SAP Maintenance Planner* as the basis for downloading the required front-end and back-end software components. This plan should be based on your current SAP landscape and the SAP Fiori apps you have selected in the reference library.

The SAP Maintenance Planner lets you download the required software components as part of a maintenance transaction, which also serves to document the changes to your SAP system landscape.

Alternatively, you can download the required files directly from the SAP Software Download Center and deploy them manually. This allows you to deploy only single product versions.

Perform fit-gap analysis and delta design

Enable high value features to benefit from the full experience of SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA, such as Enterprise Search, Notifications, Personalization and User Assistance.

Set up the SAP Fiori infrastructure and SAP Fiori apps

Refer to the SAP Fiori sections in SAP Help Portal for documentation on installation requirements and sequences, configuration of SAP Fiori Infrastructure and SAP Fiori apps. Consult the following table for information corresponding to your implementation scope.

Early adopter?

Join our SAP Early Adopter Care program for products that have recently gone into general availability.

The UX Activation and Design Service

Get in contact with the SAP UX Activation and Design Service, provided by SAP Digital Business Services.

You are now ready to implement.

Configure your Launchpad content

Configure the Launchpad to enable optional SAP Fiori Launchpad features. Adjust Launchpad content to integrated custom apps and URLs.

Theme your SAP Fiori apps

Use the SAP theme designer tool to change the background and text colors of your SAP Fiori apps and Launchpad, or to add your company’s logo. Find out more, including platform availability and functionality in the table below. 

For step-by-step instructions for customizing themes, see SAP Best Practices Content.

Discover and design your app

Build is a collaborative design tool that allows users in your SAP project teams to quickly create interactive prototypes that can be shared effortlessly with your users. The SAP Fiori Reference Apps are sample applications that help developers and designers with their development projects. Users can see real working code and live examples covering all layers end-to-end and examples of how SAP Fiori patterns and controls are being implemented in typical use cases. The SAP Fiori Reference Apps demonstrate the development and UX Design guidelines and best practices applicable to the SAP Fiori development lifecycle. This covers the entire end-to-end process from design and technology to coding principles, from OData modeling to implementation, as well as selected product standards such as performance, and extensibility.

Extend your apps

SAP Fiori apps are designed with an extensibility concept that provides high flexibility:

  • Explore your extensibility options
  • Find extension points in the SAP Fiori apps reference library
  • View the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines for design extension resources

Custom development for SAP Fiori apps

SAP Fiori apps are based on SAPUI5, a JavaScript-based UI library from SAP which combines new qualities like openness, flexibility and high speed of innovation with established SAP strengths like enterprise readiness and standard support. Its core offers a solid foundation that simplifies development by managing many aspects of modern web app development behind the scenes. For the UI display itself, a variety of diverse UI controls specially tailored to SAP Fiori are included, ranging from basic elements to complex UX patterns, all ready to be used to style your SAP Fiori app.

Use SAP Web IDE to create custom SAP Fiori apps based on SAPUI5. This browser-based toolkit is available on SAP Extension Suite and provides an integrated development environment. With drag-and-drop tools, wizards, and templates, you can create starter apps with only a few clicks – then use robust code editors to develop full apps easily and quickly. And if your SAP Fiori app has to support multiple languages, SAP Extension Suite also offers the SAP Translation Hub service to add quick, accurate, and easy translation workflow capabilities.

  • Go through the SAPUI5 tutorials. They will help you understand how to develop and extend SAP Fiori apps.
  • Check out the explored app to discover the many new features of SAPUI5 controls, as well as countless code examples.
  • Learn how to develop, deploy, and extend SAP Fiori apps in SAP Web IDE documentation.
  •  View SAP Fiori Design Guidelines for design languages and rationale documentation, Flat Theme controls for SAPUI5, and suggested UI pattern descriptions.
  • Refer to the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines to explore design elements, stencils and templates.
  • Read SAP Best Practices Content for extending and developing SAP Fiori apps.

The UX Activation and Design Service

Get in contact with the SAP Activation and Design Services, provided by SAP Digital Business Services.

You are now ready to move your system into production.

Operate your system

Learn how to operate your SAP Fiori system, from monitoring essential components to troubleshooting and support. 

Maintain your system

Execute an update to fix issues or introduce new features with help from the SAP Fiori Update Guide. For general information about new release availability, maintenance, and possible upgrade paths, visit the SAP Support Portal.

User Guide

Introduce your users to SAP Fiori Launchpad via the User Guide.

Early adopter?

Join our SAP Early Adopter Care program for products that have recently gone into general availability.

Implementing UX in SAP S/4HANA

Find out more about our end-to-end services to speed up implementation.

Add more SAP Fiori apps

Visit our reference library for a full list of SAP Fiori apps, including key information, technical data and a relevance and readiness check for each app.

Find out about new SAP Fiori releases

Please see the SAP Product Availability Matrix* for the latest information on SAP Fiori software releases.

Utilize Design Thinking

Unlock further innovation opportunities by utilizing the design thinking approach.

SAP Fiori Resource Center

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