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Give your employees what they need to excel

Combine operational data (O) with experience data (X) to get a complete view of all events inside and outside of work that impact your employees. Then support them at every moment that matters.

Create a digital open door

Take advantage of technology designed to create conversations with your employees when they matter most.

Understand the intersection of your employees' work and life

Gain real-time insights into what is happening with your employees and why – so that you can better support them.

Create intelligent action plans

Zero-in on the areas your employees need improvement – and implement automatically-generated action plans. 

Employee experience is key to
business success

Organizations that provide a superior experience win in terms of revenue, retention, productivity, and more.

3 x

Organizations that focus on overall employee engagement deliver 3x more revenue per employee

40 %

Companies that focus on employee experience have 40% lower turnover than the average organization

12 x

Employees who feel their employer acts on their feedback are 12x more likely to publicly advocate for them

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