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The future of business has feelings

We hit the streets to get feedback on how people feel about the products and services they use every day.


How can companies take feedback like this and use it to turn customers into fanatics, employees into ambassadors, products into obsessions, and brands into icons?

Connecting the Xs and Os
with SAP and Qualtrics

Experience management (XM) is the process of monitoring every interaction people experience with a company in order to spot opportunities for improvement.

For decades, businesses have depended on Operational Data (O-data)—hard numbers like costs, accounting, and sales—to inform their business decisions. But to understand why things happen, you need to understand the thoughts and emotions of the people involved. We call that information experience data (X- data).

Experience management software makes it possible for you to combine X-data and O-data to ensure that every business decision is based on both facts and the intangibles.

Are you delivering the best possible
customer experience?

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Find out how your customer experience compares

Take this free diagnostic test to see how your customer experience program scores against the Five Competencies of Customer Experience Success. You’ll receive a customized assessment and full description of how state-of-the-art programs achieve success.

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The Total Economic Impact of Experience Management with Qualtrics

The trend is clear: We live in an experience economy. The winners and loser of the future will be determined by the experiences they provide. Technology is making it easier than ever for organizations to manage the experiences with their customers, employees, products, and brand.

The tech industry's groundbreaking new frontier

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