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SAP Authentication 365

Protect your customers with SMS based end-to-end two factor authentication service

Provide a secure digital experience to your customers. SAP Authentication 365 helps you tap into the growing opportunity of mobile engagement, online banking, and e-commerce.

  • Leverage a cloud-based 2FA solution with A2P messaging service and authentication API
  • Get an extensive global reach of SMS using scalable operator-approved routes
  • Reach 980 operators in over 200 countries
  • Flexibility to use any other messaging interconnect
  • Secure, geographically redundant servers to generate and authenticate using industry standard tokens
  • Configure tokens, OTPs, PINs tailored to businesses and particular use cases
  • Use robust analytics to monitor requests and spot geographic or context specific situations

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View infographic: Top consumer online transaction concerns.

Product Capabilities

Cloud service simplifies digital validation and speeds deployment

SAP Digital Interconnect helps enable customized transaction-level authentication to reinforce online and mobile engagements with less burden, complexity and disruption to operations. SAP Authentication 365 is cloud-based service that uses an application-to-person (A2P) messaging and authentication API that costs less and is faster to implement than traditional hardware- or software-based solutions.  

  • RESTful API cloud service simplifies integration, token generation, and token authentication
  • Administrative interface enables default token configurations, monitors requests, and analyzes geographic- or context-specific events
  • Access extensive SAP global reach using scalable operator-approved SMS routes and local expertise
  • Reporting provides standardized delivery receipts, authentication token requests, and token authentication confirmations
  • Interconnect with SAP SMS 365 enterprise service or other messaging platforms 

Featured Resources

Security of SMS and two-factor authentication

In very nearly all situations, two-factor authentication (2FA) over SMS provides sufficient security to protect both enterprises and end users from fraud, with little disruption to digital experiences. Most enterprises and end users can view 2FA over SMS with confidence as a key method of providing security.

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Two-factor authentication: Tailor made for SMS

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is now a common means of increasing account security used by social networks and mobile ecommerce. SMS is fast becoming an accepted solution for 2FA. Explore myths, misconceptions, and best practices for SMS-based One-Time-Password (OTP).

Online support portal

Enterprise knowledgebase is a self-service tool and a single point of reference to get the latest technical, support, FAQ’s, and troubleshooting documentation. This online tool is available to SAP SMS 365, enterprise service customers. 
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