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What is SAP Edge Services?

SAP Edge Services enables powerful microservices to be deployed at the edge and orchestrated from the cloud to extend the processing power of the cloud to the edge.

Orchestrate and deploy powerful microservices to perform local compute, persistency, and run business processes at the edge with SAP Edge Services.

  • Cloud-driven deployment and lifecycle management
  • Autonomous business processes at low latency
  • Implementation of predictive models at the edge that were previously trained in the cloud
  • Ability to throttle data volumes sent to the cloud intelligently

Product Demo

See SAP Edge Services in action

Watch how cloud-driven microservices enable live insights and immediate business action to help you save time and reduce data storage and transmission costs.

Key Benefits

Improve speed and performance

Extend your intelligent enterprise to the edge to run high-performance business processes uninterrupted and without dependency on bandwidth, connectivity, or latency.

Reduce data transmission and communication costs

Cut costs through data throttling and optimize compute spend by prioritizing which data to process locally and which data to send back to your digital core.

Make decisions in real time

Process and analyze data at the intelligent edge, even when resources are not  connected to a network, enabling real-time decision-making and agile responses. 

Key Capabilities

Edge processing to enable intelligent assets

  • Run enterprise asset management autonomously at the edge, leading to higher uptime and efficiency
  • Preprocess IoT workloads from assets at the edge to conserve bandwidth, or in intermittent connectivity situations
  • Execute predictive models at the edge that were previously trained in the cloud

Real-time decisions for intelligent factories

  • Make decisions in real time at the edge for agile, adaptable, and efficient factories
  • Deploy containerized applications from the cloud to the edge for low latency execution and business continuity
  • Manage the edge software lifecycle from the cloud without disrupting operations in your factories

Usage insights for intelligent products

  • Enable operators to share select product usage data with manufacturers
  • Analyze usage and sensor data in proximity to products during operation, and share select events, aggregates, or insights, while keeping bandwidth requirements low
  • Turn usage data into billable units and derive service recommendations

Increased worker safety and empowered people

  • Increase reliability and worker safety, while complying with data privacy regulations
  • Enable your employees to do their jobs effectively, even with high latency and intermittent connectivity to the cloud
  • Avoid product quality issues and reduce waste due to nonconforming or defective assembly of produced items

Pricing and Packaging

Licensing and purchasing

SAP Edge Services is available for use on premise or in the cloud. A subscription-based pricing model is available for cloud-based deployment. If deployed on premise, this product requires a perpetual license.

Build a Business Case

Powering factories with Intelligent Technology to improve product performance

Learn how power generation leader Ansaldo Energia optimizes processes and product performance through SAP Edge Services.

SAP minimizes barriers in data and knowledge sharing

Learn how captains can simplify and reduce workloads via secure on-board and remotely controlled solutions accessing real-time quality data for optimal business operations.

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Access free online courses with openSAP

Experience a flexible, engaging, and open learning environment designed to help you optimize your software investment.

Engage in online training anytime, anywhere

Take advantage of training courses that are available at your convenience,  no matter where you are in the world.

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Security and compliance

Focus on your business and customer relationships, while keeping your data safe and reliable. SAP takes a proactive, predictive approach to maintaining compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data center.

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