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SAP Dynamic Edge Processing

Enrich your edge data with business context – using SAP Dynamic Edge Processing

Improve the efficiency of your edge assets and workers – with SAP Dynamic Edge Processing. Collect and process IoT sensor data at the edge, instead of in a data center – while providing uninterrupted access to SAP functionality at lightning speed. Combine edge data with business context, simplify common IoT data processing patterns, and accelerate local workflows.

Why SAP Dynamic Edge Processing? 

Because only about 15% of edge data needs to be analyzed in data centers, and the rest can be processed at the edge. SAP Dynamic Edge Processing simplifies and accelerates edge computing – so you can analyze and take intelligent business action immediately, where it’s needed most.

With SAP Dynamic Edge Processing you can:

  • Simplify processing patterns from multiple types of IoT sensors
  • Extend your digital core and workflow actions to the edge of your network
  • Securely transmit data from edge sensors to your core digital systems

Watch the 2-minute video

Learn how SAP Dynamic Edge Processing can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

  • Manage and secure your edge data: Manage and monitor your edge devices and IoT sensors, secure all data  transmissions, and control and automate actions and things.

  • Extend your digital core: Extend core business processes beyond your data center, enrich IoT data with edge analytics, speed up decision making, and increase the efficiency of workers.

  • Improve speed and performance: Quickly process and store events and edge data locally – to accelerate performance and reduce the volume of transfer data.

  • Simplify the user experience: Optimize local workflows to enhance the user experience and boost worker productivity.

SAP Dynamic Edge Processing evolved from industry leading intelligent edge architectural implementations at Fortune 500 companies where edge data is processed in real-time       

  • Reference data & metadata from the digital core is stored locally at the edge, outside of the data center

  • IoT data event processing rules are configured at the edge and enriched with situational data

  • Relevant processed insights can be sent to the cloud e.g. employee activity combinations that result in plant maintenance work order creation

  • Applications can be hosted locally at the edge using edge data for sub-second system-response time

  • Edge data can be sent to the cloud periodically or on-demand for consolidated analysis to maximize computing resources

  • Extends SAP Plant Maintenance (PM), Materials Management (MM), Inventory Management (IM) functionality to the edge

  • Provides an architectural foundation and repeatable methodology to also extend other SAP functional areas to the edge (e.g.Employee Health & Safety (EH&S), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resource (HR), Quality Management (QM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)) 

Smart inventory for smarter retailing

This retail demo and reference architecture provides an example of how you can use SAP Dynamic Edge Processing to extend your business operations to the edge. Digitize your inventory to transform store operations, leverage real-time product tracking, and avoid stock-outs.

Extending SAP to the edge

SAP Dynamic Edge Processing bridges physical "things" with the business world. Functional areas extended to the edge include plant maintenance, inventory management, and materials management.


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