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What is SAP Data Intelligence?

SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive data management solution. As the data orchestration layer of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, it transforms distributed data sprawls into vital data insights, delivering innovation at scale.

Use data intelligence to process distributed data

Provide your users with intelligent, relevant, and contextual insights with integration across the IT landscape.

  • Discover and connect to any data, anywhere, and anyway you need
  • Integrate and orchestrate massive data volumes and streams at scale
  • Streamline, operationalize, and govern innovation driven by machine learning 
  • Optimize governance and minimize compliance risk with comprehensive metadata management rules


Streamline information management

  • Discover and catalog distributed metadata to enable a searchable data fabric
  • Profile, enhance, and derive value from your data
  • Perform self-service data preparation
  • Find the most relevant data though enriched metadata tags

Perform hybrid data management at scale

  • Manage and process data centrally, wherever it resides
  • Automate and reuse on-premise and cloud processing engines
  • Handle complex data types across distributed environments 
  • Build an enterprise data fabric that connects data silos

What are the analysts saying about data integration?

SAP leads in enterprise data fabric according to Forrester

Find out why SAP was recognized as a leader in the latest Forrester Wave for Enterprise Data Fabric.

SAP leads in enterprise information management according to Gartner

See why SAP was recognized as a leader in the latest Gartner MQ reports for metadata management, data quality and data integration.

Managing data orchestration and integration at scale

Learn how data orchestration helps you extend your data integration across hybrid landscapes and complex data types.

Explore the interactive demo for SAP Data Intelligence

Leverage data-driven innovation with the help of SAP solutions

Sign up for the SAP Data Intelligence interactive demo to learn how to connect with any system across your distributed landscape and merge, profile, and prepare data by using metadata management.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Data Intelligence

See how Kaeser Kompressoren is reshaping it´s business model to provide "air-as-service" to its global customer base.

Learn how this company slashed system admin tasks by 50% by automating the processing of product specs from its suppliers.

Hear how Endress + Houser leverages their data assets and drives innovation for their customers through Artificial intelligence.

Discover how Hartmann found a way to unify, access, and analyze data across multiple internal and external sources.

Learn how ACA get insights about field conditions by integrating and analyzing satellite and drone imagery, weather data, and data on farms.

Manoj Kumar Das
Business Intelligence Specialist
MNRB Holdings

“Integrates well with other Data Management tools already in place and helps segregate and group data from Multi-Sources and Domains using metadata catalogs”  

Wajeeh Rehman
Assistant Manager Finance
MDVision Pvt Ltd

“SAP Data Intelligence is the tool that I recommend without having to think about it more than once, it is the most suitable for improving business processes related to data.” 

Prabhu Sundaraj

“SAP Data Intelligence helps us to engage with ML models to improvise our business to fix issues before it causes any larger impact.”

Ben Williams
Data Analyst
Admiral Group plc

“SAP Data Intelligence has proved useful to us with its ability to pull from a variety of data sources and is well suited to this. It is also more than capable of cleansing out data without a great deal of issues. It is well suited to running a variety of different ML models including the use of python and R.” 

SAP Data Intelligence Resource Center

Additional Products

Looking for more data management products to meet your business needs?

SAP Data Services

Maximize the value of all your organization’s structured and unstructured data with exceptional functionalities for data integration, quality, and cleansing.

SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data

Enhance contact data quality by embedding address cleansing, validation, and geocoding into any business process or application interface.

SAP Data Mapping and Protection by BigID

Gain actionable insights you can use across your organization by serving protected data with SAP Data Mapping and Protection.

SAP Information Steward

Maximize data integrity with the combination of data profiling, data lineage, and metadata management tools to deliver continuous insights to your enterprise data model.

Data Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions


What is SAP Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive data management solution that connects, discovers, enriches, and orchestrates disjointed data assets into actionable business insights at enterprise scale.

It enables the creation of data warehouses from heterogeneous enterprise data, simplifies the management of IoT data streams, and facilitates scalable machine learning. SAP Data Intelligence allows you to leverage your business applications to become an intelligent enterprise and provides a holistic, unified way to manage, integrate, and process all of your enterprise data. 

With SAP Data Intelligence you can:

  • Discover and connect to any data, anywhere, anytime from a single enterprise data fabric
  • Transform and augment data across complex data types and curate a robust, searchable data catalog
  • Implement intelligent data processes by orchestrating complex data flows enriched with scalable, repeatable, production-grade machine learning pipelines
Why is SAP Data Intelligence necessary

Companies need to gain business value from massive amounts of data to improve internal processes such as fraud prevention, predictive maintenance, and supply chain optimization. However, it is difficult to transform large volumes and varieties of data coming from SAP and third-party systems. SAP Data Intelligence equips you with data integration, data innovation, and data compliance.

What are the top 5 reasons you need SAP Data Intelligence

With SAP Data Intelligence, you can:

  • Integrate any data, solving the data deluge program
  • Reuse any engine and orchestrate any SAP or third-party data processing engine
  • Democratize intelligence by making machine learning easier to implement, scale, operationalize, and govern
  • Ensure data quality by discovering, preparing, and governing data assets in the same tool
  • Deploy on any mix of hyperscalers, whether hybrid or on premise
Who benefits from SAP Data Intelligence
  • Data stewards can use an organization’s data governance processes to ensure fitness of data elements – both for content and metadata.
  • Chief data officers can better ensure enterprise-wide governance and use of information as an asset through data processing, analysis, data mining, information trading, and other means.
  • Data warehouse administrators can support the development and maintenance of data warehousing and data mart systems through the entire data development lifecycle, including data profiling, design and development, testing, and support.
  • Business analysts can help guide businesses in improving processes, products, services, and software through data analysis, helping bridge the gap between IT and the business to improve efficiency. They can also use data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements, and deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to executives and stakeholders.
  • CIOs can help their organizations manage requirements they may not understand as well as deploy and scale data science with confidence and at a lower cost.
Is SAP Data Intelligence another ETL tool

SAP Data Intelligence goes beyond classic batch ETL or real-time streaming. It scales these functions and leverages these technologies across the enterprise, which cannot be accomplished by traditional ETL engines. It also focuses on the integration of new technologies (for example, Docker and Kubernetes) operating in distributed landscapes. The main paradigm is to bring the logic to where the data resides and leverage the computing power. ETL cannot handle the volume of data and the constantly increasing number of different systems, sources, and consumption points in these complex data landscapes. It will continue to serve its current function while SAP Data Intelligence allows scalability across these modern landscapes.

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