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Customer Service Solutions

Connect great experiences with fast resolutions with intelligent service software from SAP

Connect service with the value chain to improve customer lifetime value

Customer service is no longer an activity that can be confined to a single department – modern servicing requires you to activate the entire enterprise to deliver your brand promise and secure customer loyalty. 

Driving customer lifetime value (CLV)

  • Engage at the point of need so you can serve customers at their convenience, on their channel of choice
  • Connect to the value chain to enable collaborative diagnosis and resolution
  • Increase profitability by protecting your brand and keeping customer service costs down


SAP Customer Experience LIVE

View the visionary keynote and customer sessions from SAP CX LIVE: Exec Connect.

Explore customer service solutions from SAP

Agile, intelligent customer service protects your brand and builds loyalty.


Our customer service solutions can help you meet customer expectations now and in the future with:

  • Modern agent desktop for a great agent experience
  • Cross-departmental case management for speedy resolutions
  • Intelligent technologies to automate and accelerate service
  • Integration into business processes for speed and efficiency
  • Flexible, scalable, and composable processes for agility

 SAP Service Cloud empowers our service agents with the knowledge they need to provide an efficient and rapid response to inquiries from fleet managers. This helps us meet our SLA commitments and improves customer satisfaction.
Monika Szabo, Team Leader Service Desk EMEA, Goodyear


Customer service, reimagined

The new, intelligent SAP Service Cloud powers the future of customer service.

Improve customer service and boost profitability

Customer expectations are increasing. Rise to the challenge and improve speed, efficiency, and outcomes.

Improve customer lifetime value

SAP Service Cloud solutions can connect different departments to resolve challenges quickly and professionally, helping you increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

Improving service speed and efficiency

Proactive customer service increasingly depends on intelligent technology. SAP Service Cloud solutions can automate processes and reduce the effort of routine tasks with the IoT and machine learning.

Improve the agent experience

Service agents demand better experiences. SAP Service Cloud solutions can help you provide a modern, user-friendly workspace that supports service teams with the data and tools they need to succeed.

What are analysts saying about SAP Service Cloud?

Aligning customer service with B2B business goals

Explore the challenges that service leaders are facing today and discover the critical capabilities needed to transform customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligent customer service leverages the data, processes, and expertise within and outside customer service to increase customer service efficiency, shorten resolution time, and drive customer satisfaction. Intelligent customer service also uses intelligent technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, to automate and accelerate service processes and support service teams in their work.

Customers typically contact an organization’s customer service department with a product or service issue to be resolved. The agent must often interact with the responsible business unit, be it sales, manufacturing, finance, engineering, or another function. Customer service needs to be connected to these functions to be able to solve customer issues in a timely manner. Connecting customer service with the rest of your organization enables you to reduce resolution time, increase productivity, and drive customer satisfaction.

The new, intelligent SAP Service Cloud solution revolutionizes customer service by delivering meaningful customer connections throughout the customer lifecycle. Focusing on speed, insights, and accuracy, SAP Service Cloud can help you resolve customer issues at unmatched speed — protecting the brand’s promise and securing future growth.

The SAP Service Cloud solution integrates with the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, so you can support online shoppers with fast and personalized omnichannel customer service. With the volume of e-commerce increasing globally, it's important that customers get the support they need. Integration with the assisted service module for the SAP Commerce Cloud solution enables service agents to guide customers throughout the buying process and help them find the right products in an online shop, for example. This can increase conversion rates, reduce returns, and improve customer satisfaction.

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