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Transform and grow your travel business

When shopping and merchandising are integrated together, customer satisfaction soars and revenue growth rises.

Simplify your travelers’ customer experience

No matter where your customers are located around the globe, you can stay focused on their needs with travel industry solutions from SAP.

Transform the travel journey with IATA ONE Order

The transition to the industry-led initiative ONE Order represents the opportunity to shift from ticket centric to customer centric. Find out how you can drive this change with a practical guide from SAP.

Commerce everywhere with cloud solutions

Build advanced capabilities with greater speed

Your travel company can deliver a dynamic customer experience and integrate with existing reservation, revenue, and loyalty systems by using SAP Commerce Cloud, travel accelerator.

Innovative, low-touch strategies for hospitality

Learn how entertainment, hospitality, and travel businesses can adapt to the new low-touch normal caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Engaging contactless services and social distancing

Start planning contactless guest engagements and direct distributions that are still personalized while limiting person-to-person touch in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

Find more travel solutions

Learn more about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, and explore our full range of SAP solutions to meet all your business needs.

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