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Image of a utilities call center agent providing utilities services to a customer

Make every moment matter

Discover what’s important in utilities service and self-service to reduce cost to serve and become your customers’ energy advisor.

Explore SAP Customer Experience for utilities

See how SAP Customer Experience solutions can help your utility business reduce cost to serve, grow revenue, and improve the customer experience.

Deliver a better utilities customer experience

Maximize customer engagement success with SAP Customer Experience solutions.

Provide your customers with a more rewarding experience

Discover a step-by-step approach to transforming your service operations. With the SAP Service Cloud solution, you can achieve business priorities and capture new revenue streams through intelligent customer engagement and personalization.

Build a superior self-service experience for customers

Give your customers a connected and personalized experience that improves customer satisfaction and reduces your cost to serve by using SAP Self-Service Accelerator for Utilities by SEW.

Generate loyalty and profits with personalized offers

Create personalized customer offers that reduce energy usage and build trust in a market increasingly defined by decentralization, deregulation, and decarbonization.

What our customers are saying

Read how our utilities customers are generating revenue, enhancing profitability,
and improving their CX.

Simplifying processes for a better customer experience

Find out how Welsh Water simplified processes and accelerated customer response times, leading to a reduced cost to serve.

Delivering a lifetime, people-centric experience

Consider how Mercury sets itself apart in an industry dominated by incentive programs by empowering its customer and employees.

Find more utilities solutions

Learn more about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, and explore our full range of SAP solutions to meet all your business needs.

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