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Photo of a woman walking with a grocery cart shopping for consumer goods

Grow your business, brand, and customer loyalty

Drive revenues and growth across channels while reducing operational complexity and offering an exceptional customer experience.

Build market share and profits with an intelligent strategy

Rethink customer engagement, deliver seamless omnichannel experiences, and build hyperconnected networks to win the market.

Turn sales reps into trusted advisors

Optimize retail store experiences by empowering field sales reps to build brand loyalty with visit planning and preparation.

Make the right moves to transform store execution

Debunk common myths associated with the consumer and retail space and understand the growth opportunities ahead and how to succeed at the retail shelf.

Whirlpool: Transforming retail execution

Hear how SAP helps Whirlpool create the perfect store with intelligent sales tools that turn their sales representatives into trusted advisers.

Direct-to-consumer models are booming

Own the entire consumer journey, build relationships, and leverage all the data to create a fan base and generate revenue.

Becoming more responsive in a post-COVID era

Fine-tune your business model and strategy for a fast-evolving selling landscape and a brighter digital future for your brand.

Meeting consumer needs with certainty

Hear how a brand is letting consumers own their experience with a superior cross-channel experience and seamless customer service.

Delivering the aloha spirit to consumers worldwide

Hear how Maui Jim uses e-commerce to create end-to-end digital commerce and become one of the fastest-growing sunglass brands.

Accelerate revenue growth across routes to market

Lead the market by identifying consumer needs, delivering outcomes, and running with operational excellence and innovation.

Deliver on your brand promise every time

Make your consumer experience more engaging and responsive while driving revenue and growth across sales, marketing, and commerce.

Capitalize on the new era of consumer products

Review the top priorities and emerging opportunities for consumer goods companies and critical methods that can help address them.

Get closer to customers with insight and agility

Create an exceptional and consistent customer experience across every touch point with SAP Customer Experience solutions.

Grow your direct-to-consumer channel

Own the consumer journey, build relationships, and leverage your data to create a consumer fan base and generate revenue.

Reset, reinvent, and reinvigorate your business

Tune your direct business model and strategy for a fast-evolving selling landscape and a brighter digital future for your brand.

Find more consumer and packed goods solutions

Learn more about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, and explore our full range of SAP solutions to meet all your business needs.

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