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Elevating consumer products with CRM and CX

Exceed the diverse expectations of consumers and enable your company to sustainably and profitably grow in an uncertain world.

Dominate CPG market share and drive growth

Offer smooth direct-to-consumer and omnichannel experiences with solutions for e-commerce, data management, marketing, and fulfillment.



of companies

Most CPG companies transitioned their business model to actively pursue new direct-to-consumer channels during the COVID-19 pandemic. 1



of consumers

The majority of consumers are willing to pay for products that offer better experiences. 2


RetX Badge of Excellence awards

SAP earned best-in-class distinctions for analytics insights, connected enterprise, and retail optimization and merchandizing. 3

Consumer packaged goods growth and market trends

Explore business agility, direct-to-consumer, and retail execution strategies to grow
your business and expand revenue opportunities.

The growth opportunity in consumer products

Offer personalized customer experiences across multiple touch points by scaling at the speed of business with agile solutions.

Five myths about the industry and the modern buyer

Discover growth opportunities and how you can succeed at the retail shelf by debunking some common myths associated with retail.

Direct to consumer is the new growth channel

Explore five business goals you can achieve by embracing direct-to-consumer strategies to fuel business growth.

Analyst predictions for consumer products

Leverage the latest analyst research on agility and industry transformation to create profitable outcomes in uncertain times.

Customers drive e-commerce transformation

Explore survey results to learn how industry executives are navigating economic uncertainties and the complexities of new business models.

CX agility fuels growth and maximizes outcomes

Learn how customer experience (CX) agility can help you adapt to changing needs and market conditions for consumer packaged goods.

See how our customers are succeeding with SAP

SAP customers are deploying cloud-based omnichannel strategies to become market leaders and boost profitability.

300% increase in direct-to-consumer business

Learn how Beiersdorf is quickly rolling out online shops so it can expand to new markets with improved customer experiences.

59% more contactable consumers across channels

Learn how Ferrara created a modern omnichannel experience and built
relationships with consumers across its brands.

Exceeding expectations in more countries

See how Breakthru Beverage serves customers a smooth experience that stands out from the competition and is available 24x7.

Getting the most out of sales technology

Discover how Miele collaborated with technology experts to improve sales processes that support a long legacy of success.

Keeping up with demand confidently on e-commerce

Discover how Flexi expanded its business online, meeting changes in demand and shopping preferences, with cloud solutions.

Enhancing the customer experience in the cloud

Find out how Rheem Australia Pty Ltd. provides consistent service to support its customer experience and serve sales stakeholders.

Caffeinating the world with impeccable service

Explore the best practices and strategies De'Longhi uses to create a consistent and exceptional customer service experience.

Delivering on a promise to feed the nation

Hear how Brakes Bros shifted from a B2B model to direct to consumer by building a business-to-consumer channel in seven days. 

Grow your CPG business with SAP Customer Experience solutions

Profitable commerce – everywhere

Seize market opportunities and drive growth on an enterprise-grade e-commerce platform.

Trust and engagement with customer data solutions

Crush revenue and growth targets with customer identity and access management, data privacy, and a cloud-based customer data platform.

Customer engagement that wins lifetime loyalty

Attract, convert, and retain the right customers with intelligent marketing while privacy policies evolve.

Find more CPG solutions

Learn more about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, and explore our full range of SAP solutions to meet all your business needs.

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