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SAP Customer Experience (CX) and CRM Solutions

Connect customer data from demand to delivery

CRM software and CX solutions for a frictionless customer experience

CRM has evolved to represent every touch point in the customer experience. Our enterprise-grade CX solutions can provide end-to-end insights by connecting your commerce, marketing, sales, and service data.

Turn market opportunities into bottom-line realities

Exceptional customer experience begins with placing your audience at the center of all you do. Unify customer data across your enterprise and utilize AI to build unique profiles that can help you truly understand your customers and their preferences. 

Win customer trust and loyalty with intelligent engagement

AI-fueled insights can help you make each customer feel like your only customer. Engage and understand consumers on their terms, while respecting their privacy preferences at every point in the customer journey, to retain and upsell with machine learning and smart automation. 

Scale, grow, and future-proof your enterprise with end-to-end business models

Business is global, but not every business is ready to be a global business. By deploying end-to-end operations with a clear view of inventory, supply, and customer engagements, you can sell anywhere, anytime – on the terms your customers expect.   

Latest Innovations

Flexible, extensible, composable commerce

Gain flexibility by updating your storefront independently from your core commerce platform with composable storefront functionality in SAP Commerce Cloud.

App building without coding

Support new business models and adapt to market dynamics with composable apps that help you provide better service with SAP Service Cloud.

AI and machine learning-based guided selling

Focus sellers on the right opportunities and improve sales engagements with machine learning insights and guided selling functionality in SAP Sales Cloud.


New customer experience models

Learn how emerging technologies come together to create exceptional experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM software is technology that analyzes and manages customer interactions and data throughout the entire customer lifecycle, thereby building better customer experiences, better customer service, and better business relationships while increasing revenue.

The customer experience is how interactions with your brand or product make customers feel. A customer can be a business (B2B) or a person (B2C) and the spirit of honoring their journey is the same. It’s their experience, and if you plan for it, it will be a good experience.

Before being acquired by SAP, hybris was an e-commerce software company serving both B2B and B2C companies. In 2018, hybris officially became SAP Commerce Cloud, part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio.


Now, hybris’ omnichannel e-commerce capabilities are deeply integrated into the SAP cloud technology ecosystem, enabling the enhanced data and tools that sellers need to optimize margins and drive customer loyalty.

Before being acquired by SAP, Gigya was a software company providing customer identity and access management (CIAM) and consent data management solutions. In 2017, SAP announced the acquisition of Gigya.


Today, Gigya’s software capabilities are integrated into our customer data solutions. This portfolio helps businesses grow revenue by delivering trusted, personalized customer experiences at scale. Such outcomes make marketing campaigns more effective, improve the sales experience, and drive more personalized commerce and customer service interactions – all while building customer trust.

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