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Create a project budget

Explore the cost of your SAP Cloud Platform use case.

SAP Cloud Platform brief

Build applications to meet needs quickly and economically.

SAP Cloud Platform in the garage

Discover cloud innovations in a virtual learning series.

Harness foundational services to innovate and grow with a differentiated platform

Maximize the flexibility and adaptability of your application investment with a multicloud, future-proof foundation that embraces all major hyperscaler infrastructures and cloud-based, native technologies. 



Enhance the Intelligent Enterprise with platform foundation services

Advance digital transformation with SAP Cloud Platform

Discover the true meaning of digital transformation and how cloud platform is helping companies achieve such change in a variety of ways.

Object Store on SAP Cloud Platform

Provision a storage space that Cloud Foundry applications can use to store and manage objects.


Intuitive and secure access

Create storage buckets and access them by passing secure credentials to the application.

High-availability service

Help ensure your storage capabilities for solutions are consistently available without interruptions.

SAP Cloud Platform Credential Store

Secure password repositories and application keys to enable your applications to retrieve credentials and use them to authenticate external services or perform cryptographic operations and transport layer security communication. 


Credential storage and retrieval

Store cryptographic keys and passwords securely for applications and retrieve them for authentication of external services.

Cryptographic operations

Enable applications to run cryptographic operations such as signing digital signatures or encrypting and decrypting messages.

SAP Cloud Platform Application Logging

Create, store, and access application logs and visualize and analyze them from a central application logging stack.


Web-based user interface

View, search, and analyze logs in the Cloud Foundry environment and identify related spots with interactive exploration.

Structured log messages

Gain a rich basis for deep analysis by automatically structuring log messages with metadata, metrics, and custom values.

Log libraries

Use dedicated, open source libraries to produce logs for Java and Node.js applications in the Cloud Foundry environment.

Defined retention period

Perform a post-mortem analysis during the seven-day retention period in the Cloud Foundry environment.

SAP Cloud Platform Custom Domain

Configure your custom domain to expose your SAP Cloud Platform application publicly, instead of using a default subdomain.


Access to your domain

Configure your application with a name that is easily recognizable by your customers.

Application identity protection

Upload an SSL certificate to secure your application identity and data transmitted between the browser and your application.

SAP Cloud Platform Job Scheduler

Define and manage jobs that are run once or on a recurring cycle. You can also schedule REST endpoint actions in your application or program long-running business processes using Cloud Foundry tasks.


Intuitive job scheduling

Define and manage one-time or recurring jobs and schedule any REST endpoint actions or long-running Cloud Foundry tasks.

Simple REST APIs

Define your own actions, when the action endpoint is called, with REST APIs.

Setup of asynchronous jobs

Free up your application to perform other tasks by operating applications with long-running jobs in an asynchronous mode. 

Real-time dashboard

Control, monitor, and manage jobs and schedules as well as create schedules or update existing ones.

SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management

Govern transports between SAP Cloud Platform in Neo and Cloud Foundry environments, transport development artifacts and application-specific content, or transport delivery units between different instances of SAP HANA software assigned to cloud accounts.


Transport management

Improve your control over propagating change across SAP Cloud Platform in a productive cloud environment.

Comprehensive, cloud-based approach

Handle transports without requiring an ABAP-based on-premise system, additional infrastructure, or third-party services.

Tight application coupling

Trigger transports directly from application-specific content creation tools, instead of manually uploading artifacts.

Agile development

Address change in your productive technology environment with continuous integration.

SAP Cloud Platform Application Runtime

Get ready to deploy applications on SAP Cloud Platform within a Cloud Foundry environment by assigning specific memory loads to each application.


Cloud application development

Create and deliver polyglot, cloud-native applications and run them on SAP Cloud Platform within a Cloud Foundry environment.

Polyglot application innovation

Apply open standards by using Java and Node.js build packs or community offerings for PHP, Python, Ruby, and Go.

Application lifecycle management

Start, scale, and configure distributed applications with Cloud Foundry tools as well as SAP cockpit and DevOps capabilities.

Development and operations optimization

Use the rich set of Cloud Foundry services for SAP Cloud Platform, including messaging and persistence.

Java Server

Virtualize the hardware resources used by a Java application running on SAP Cloud Platform.


Standardized environment

Take advantage of various sizes of Java servers with a predefined CPU and memory that meet your application needs.

Java Web applications execution

Develop and run Java Web applications based on standard APIs and third-party Java libraries and frameworks.

Application lifecycle management

Start, scale, and configure Java applications with standard tools as well as SAP cockpit and DevOps capabilities.

Third-party and standard APIs

Support Apache Tomcat Web container and benefit from SAP Cloud Platform services and standard Java APIs

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication

Simplify and secure cloud-based access to business processes, applications, and data with state-of-the-art authentication mechanisms, single sign-on, on-premise integration, and convenient self-service options.


Two-factor authentication

Allow users to enter a one-time passcode to invoke the application after providing correct credentials.

Customer and partner onboarding

Enable self-registration for consumer-facing scenarios and onboard partners with an on-behalf registration capability.

Secure integration

Authenticate cloud users with their on-premise credentials and provide a proxy to other cloud or on-premise providers.

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning

Automate identity lifecycle processes to provision identities and their authorizations to cloud and on-premise applications.


Control of user access

Define user access based on identity attributes such as current group or role assignment and location.

New cloud application accounts

Reuse existing data from a corporate identity store such as SAP SuccessFactors solutions and Microsoft Active Directory.

Complexity reduction

Connect additional user stores to an established identity lifecycle management framework when integrating new organizations.

Multi-environment access

Give accounts proper authorizations and secure authentication from anywhere and on any type of device.

SAP Cloud Platform Alert Notification

Configure SAP Cloud Platform to send notifications as critical events arise when running your applications and services.


Event subscription

Create subscriptions to important events, such as cloud platform services and existing monitoring services.

Custom alerts

Produce custom alerts and notifications for your cloud applications, which are triggered under predefined conditions.

Integrated alert consumption

Use integration capabilities from management tools, such as SAP Solution Manager and Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager.

SAP Cloud Platform Data Retention Manager

Manage retention and residence rules to block or delete personal data.


Identification of data subjects for deletion

Identify data subjects for deletion and send the deletion request to the applications.

Residence rules management

Create, edit, and delete residence rules for a specific business purpose to determine when data is no longer useful.

Retention rules handling

Devise, modify, and eliminate retention rules to determine when the data should be deleted for a business purpose.

Business purpose supervision

Assign business purposes to appropriate residence and retention rules.

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