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The Stranded Fly Home in the Cloud

Learn how SAP built an emergency repatriation platform for Germany’s Foreign Ministry in just 24 hours.

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What is SAP Cloud Platform?

SAP Cloud Platform is an integration and extension platform built for the Intelligent Enterprise that enables you to connect your landscape and create application extensions that focus on your business needs. 

Protect your investments while staying flexible and agile

  • Accelerate integration of all your critical applications to connect your landscape
  • Simplify development of your application extensions to get more value and enable change
  • Expand business value with our open partner ecosystem 

Why SAP Cloud Platform?

Accelerate Integration across your value chain

Improve efficiency and productivity, cut costs, and greatly increase your organization’s ability to deal with change.

Simplify development of your application extensions

Enhance and adapt SAP solutions for your unique needs with best-run methodologies, enterprise-grade and secure tools and services, and ready-to-use business content. 

Expand business value

Reduce development investments by leveraging our open partner ecosystem that delivers prebuilt solutions to solve line of business and industry-specific needs. 

Accelerate integration and extend your enterprise applications

SAP Cloud Platform offers capabilities to help your company achieve business critical needs with agility.

Accelerate integration

  • Connect and customize experiences
  • Accelerate innovation by starting with integration
  • Empower practitioners beyond central IT 

Simplify extensions

  • Deliver engaging digital experiences across all applications and channels
  • Automate, enhance and adapt business processes with flexibility
  • Develop and manage extensions across any landscape

Benefit from a secure multicloud foundation

With SAP Cloud Platform, you can:

  • Leverage a multicloud foundation for your intelligent enterprise
  • Benefit from a flexible platform and choose your preferred infrastructure provider
  • Combine SAP’s business know-how with the latest investments in open source and open standard technology
  • Co-locate your development projects with existing data assets and SAP workloads

See how customers are succeeding with SAP Cloud Platform

Set the course for your intelligent enterprise

Extending the reach of enterprise intelligence

Explore how SAP Cloud Platform and SAP technologies can help you extend enterprise applications to improve enterprise intelligence.

Intelligent enterprises are integrated enterprises

Learn more about SAP’s integration plan in the cloud and how to transform your business to address changing business needs.

Join the latest events for SAP Cloud Platform

Discover SAP Cloud Platform in the garage

Learn about new cloud innovations from Scott Dillon, an expert on SAP Cloud Platform, and watch SAP Cloud Platform capabilities in action.

Explore the business value of a digital platform

Get the latest insights on digital platform adoption trends and lessons learned from Constellation Research. 

Achieve greater visibility with hybrid integration

See the latest trends and challenges in integration and view customer use cases to begin planning your own integration strategy.

Increase the quality of your process automation

Discover offerings from SAP to quickly drive digital process automation and successfully respond to new challenges.

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