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Real-time performance data tracking in professional sports

Score big with real-time insights for coaches

Analyze real-time performance data during games to support tactical decision-making, boost player skills, and excite your fan base.

  • Mission-critical app with the highest reliability
  • Access to near real-time data
  • Instant analysis of archived data
  • Inexpensive, structured long-term storage

Architecture for this use case

Solve the problem with SAP Business Technology Platform

What is the challenge?

To make tactical decisions, a vast amount of data generated by player tracking needs to be analyzed and visualized in real time, and post-game data needs to be easily accessed for deeper insights.

What is the solution?

High-speed in-memory storage and analytical and transaction processing power deliver instant insights, and spatial, graph, and machine learning capabilities connected to SAP Analytics Cloud provide real-time data and visualizations.

What is the outcome?

By using a mobile application during games, coaches gain new insights, such as distance traveled by each player and acceleration patterns. Powerful tiering capabilities save time, resources, and cost.

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