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SAP Business Technology Platform Training

Get the skills needed to optimize the use of SAP Business Technology Platform with easy-to-access, specialist courses.

Access free online courses with openSAP

View the SAP Business Technology Platform tutorials playlist on openSAP! Each week we will add a new tutorial for you to expand your knowledge of SAP Business Technology Platform. Join SAP CTO, Juergen Mueller, as he speaks to experts from different product areas.

Featured SAP Business Technology Platform articles

A major milestone from SAP

SAP Business Technology Platform is a portfolio of solutions that gives enterprises the ability to adapt rapidly to change irrespective of their landscape and provides a faster way to turn data into business value.

Understand the Power of the Platform

Find out why IDC predicts that 82% of digital revenue will be platform enabled by 2025 in their white paper, “The Top 5 Tech Trends to Deliver Business Outcomes: Understanding the Power of the Platform.” 

Innovation through integration

A joint thought leadership paper by SAP and Deloitte that talks to integration as a strategic imperative with recommendations on how to accelerate the path forward.

Examine the importance of enterprise intelligence

In an era of unprecedented change, volatility, and uncertainty, a new level of data, analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is needed to drive enterprise decision-making agility.

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