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Emergency Response Communications with SAP

Bridge the communication gap throughout crisis recovery.

Take charge of change with real-time monitoring of COVID-19

Support your employees, customers, citizens, patients, and partners with 24x7 access to essential localized information on COVID-19 status and responses with SAP’s Business Technology Platform. Keep your stakeholders engaged through simple pulse checks and ensure their voices and needs are heard at all times. 

Real-time updates

Provide real-time updates to employees, customers, citizens, contractors, partners, and patients as the pandemic situation evolves.

Employee sentiment

Monitor the sentiments of your employees and other constituents to protect their well-being and loyalty through these uncertain times.

24x7 guidance

Meet employee and customer needs for quick and easy access to information when they do not want to stay on the service line to have their questions answered.

What is Bridge-IT?

Bridge-IT is an open-source application created using SAP and Qualtrics technology to provide employees and customers with real-time facts on COVID-19 and accurate guidance on how to cope with the pandemic. The following technologies were used to develop the application:

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