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Business Process Intelligence

Deliver process excellence by analyzing, improving, and monitoring your processes.

SAP announces plans to acquire Signavio

To accelerate our customers' digital transformation journey, SAP has announced plans to acquire Signavio. The acquisition will strengthen our capabilities and enable customers to enjoy the most comprehensive solution in the market from a single vendor to manage end-to-end business processes.

Founded in 2009, Signavio has optimized more than two million processes around the globe. Its cloud-based Signavio Business Transformation Suite helps business leaders achieve greater visibility, conformance, and efficiency – delivering greater top-line revenue or bottom-line profit through operational excellence. Signavio supports more than one million users from offices in Germany, the U.S., UK, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Japan, India, and Australia. 

Business process intelligence components


  • Leverage predefined process KPIs and process flows
  • Drill down into details based on system data
  • Understand user interactions
  • Access all your process data for a 360-degree view

Design and simulate

  • Design future processes based on current data
  • Blend mined data to simulate new processes
  • Derive expected business impacts based on your operational data


  • Enable non-technical users to create automation scenarios without code
  • Create outcomes quickly with predefined content


Roll out and govern

  • Manage and govern processes for end users
  • Collaborate and roll out documented process changes from "Home Base" 
  • Tie applications to process models and get real-time process insights into our core applications


  • Monitor process performance changes and continuous transformation
  • Achieve real-time blending of process performance data versus modeled processes
  • Gain full visibility into the process community

Model and manage "Home Base"

  • Access our dashboard to view core processes at a glance
  • Manage and collaborate on processes with respective departments
  • ​Enable quick and easy access to our Process Discovery tool


  • Compare your business with other businesses in your industry
  • Drill down into details quickly from different angles
  • Receive business impact data based on your operational data

Unlock new ways of running your business

Get started with RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP is an on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise. It’s a single offer on a single contract that allows you to change when and how you get to where your business needs to go. It offers lower TCO, faster time to value, and the flexibility to address disruption without high upfront investment. It’s everything your business needs for holistic transformation – all in one place. 

Drive digital transformation across all lines of business

Gain insights into end-to-end process performance with process analytics and real-time monitoring. Drive process improvements through better automation of tasks and workflows.


Make confident decisions, shape a resilient and agile future for your business, and empower your teams to concentrate on what really matters.
  • Run guided process automation for measurable outcomes 
  • ​Gain real-time insights into process improvement opportunities
  • Enable self-reliant workflow improvements


Reduce manual efforts and focus on high-value business areas with transparency into your processes and process performance.

  • Receive real-time insights 
  • Monitor processes to increase cost efficiency


Empower your users with transparency based on relevant, real-time data; process improvements; and exceptional user experiences, while ensuring compliance.

  • Gain seamless insights 
  • Make improvements based on industry benchmarks
  • Focus on the right topics

Heads of business units

Improve your operations with solutions that can help generate quick time to value and drive process efficiency immediately.

  • Get recommendations and help business users fix processes 
  • Measure progress
  • Implement ready-to-use automation, without the need for coding

Learn more about BPI from our experts

Find out how SAP is leveraging BPI to support our own business transformation from Luka Mucic, CFO and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE.

Gain insights for helping your company survive the digital age from an interview with Rouven Morato, GM for BPI at SAP.

Business transformation

Forrester: Total Economic Impact (TEI) study

See what analysts are saying about Process Discovery, based on Forrester's Total Economic Impact (TEI) study. Process Discovery, formerly known as SAP Business Scenario Recommendations, is now part of BPI. Find out how you can use this free tool to better understand the business case of your digital transformation journey.

Values for end users

Transformation driver

Execute and drive transformation projects across multiple business units with ease, and identify processes and areas that have the biggest improvement potential through automation.

Process owner

Focus on the operational efficiency and cost savings of your end-to-end processes, systematically identify bottlenecks and problems, and understand process variants and their impact on business unit KPIs.

Technical system expert

Future-proof your IT landscape, identify automation opportunities in a structured and prioritized manner, and inform system migration or system transformation projects with system usage insights.

Process executor

Simplify efforts with a single source of truth that describes all business processes holistically, and create better outcomes faster with a delightful user experience.

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