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Screenshot of a monitor screen with SAP Business Network for Trading Partners

SAP Business Network for Trading Partners

Strengthen customer collaboration with streamlined processes and improved visibility over supply chain activities.

Accelerate leads, orders, deliveries, and cash management in real time

By being part of a strong network of trading partners and customers, you can share critical information along the supply chain for better decision-making in businesses worldwide.


Whether you’re a supplier, manufacturer, carrier, or service provider, you can manage your customers and grow your business through SAP Business Network using tools designed for efficient digital collaboration.

  • Frictionless, complete collaboration among trading partners and customers
  • Streamlined processes to efficiently sell products and deliver services
  • Enhanced visibility into customer demand, sales trends, and business data
  • Opportunities to be discovered by new customers


Key Trading Partners


Achieve seamless, digital customer collaboration and accelerate your order-to-cash cycle by fulfilling orders, sending invoices, and receiving payment faster.

Carriers and logistics services providers

Collaborate with shippers on freight tendering, settlement, dock appointments, and tracking for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

OEMs and service providers

Share equipment data efficiently and securely with customers and service providers while collaborating with owners and operators on maintenance services.

Key Features

Drive agility, visibility, and resiliency across your supply chain.

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Indirect suppliers

  • Lower costs by leveraging automation and eliminating manual, paper-based processes or emails
  • Respond to business opportunities, submit proposals for RFPs and RFIs, and negotiate contract details 
  • Showcase your company and boost sales through a customizable public profile and digital catalogs
  • Stay in control with a comprehensive dashboard to manage purchase orders, send invoices, and view status updates for documents and payment

Direct suppliers

  • Gain visibility into forecasted demand to anticipate buyers’ needs
  • Share supply availability and commitments with buyers 
  • Optimize inventory levels to prevent shortages and determine when replenishments are needed at buyer locations
  • Collaborate on schedule agreements with customers to plan for deliveries in advance
  • View accurate tracking details for shipments in real time

Carriers and logistics services providers

  • Win more contracts through faster response to tenders and greater visibility over shippers
  • Get through the gate faster by self-booking dock appointments and sharing digital documents 
  • Expedite settlement processes, including self-billing and dispute resolution, directly through the network with your customers
  • Improve transparency and integration to use network tracking options for customer satisfaction

OEMs and service providers

  • Share product and spare-parts data with owners, operators, and service providers efficiently in the cloud 
  • Collaborate on maintenance and services with your customers on a single platform
  • Service your customers better with shared access to equipment, spare-parts, and performance data
  • Include customers and operators in your feedback loop to innovate products and focus on customer satisfaction

See how your peers benefit from using SAP Business Network

Access the power of SAP Business Network in a few simple steps

With an SAP Business Network account, you can instantly collaborate with customers electronically or begin looking for business opportunities amongst a thriving global network of connected companies. From streamlining transactions and getting paid faster to gaining improved visibility across all of your supply chain processes, your journey as a resilient trading partner starts here. 

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