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SAP Business Network for Suppliers

Now you can connect more efficiently with your customers to manage sales cycles, improve cash flow, and grow your business.

What is SAP Business Network, standard account?

With your standard account and business profile, you can collaborate with any of your customers that are also on SAP Business Network – at no cost.

Free to join. Free to transact.

Companies collaborate with their suppliers on SAP Business Network to do business in a simpler and more cost-effective way. With a free standard account, you’ll be equipped to exchange with your customers an unlimited number of documents as you:

  • Manage POs and invoices
  • Monitor payment status
  • Participate in sourcing events
  • Collaborate on contracts
  • Create digital catalogs

We cannot imagine a world without SAP Business Network. It enables a consistent, efficient approach that helps us work as partners with customers and build long-lasting relationships.

Felix Förster, Head of Key Account Management, Denios SE

Capabilities of the standard account

A free standard account enables you to participate in sourcing events, collaborate on contracts, and transact an unlimited number of documents.

Help and Support

Here’s where you’ll find access to the support you need to make the most of your SAP Business Network account.

Standard account

Self-service support for standard account holders is available through help centers. You’ll find concise, understandable video tutorials, documentation, FAQ, and more about orders, invoices, contracts, leads, and sourcing events.

Enterprise account

In addition to self-service help center resources, extended support is available to enterprise account holders. For example, you can get catalog management support, advanced web assistance via chat and phone, and expert onboarding guidance.

Quick links to popular topics

Recover a forgotten password

If you need to conduct some business on SAP Business Network but forgot your password, follow these simple instructions.

Respond to an RFP or RFI

If you've received an invitation to participate in a customer's sourcing event, review detailed guidance about how to respond.

Handle a bill

If you’ve received a subscription or transaction service invoice and are unsure of why or how to pay it, review this help article.

Get the SAP Business Network Supplier mobile app

Access SAP Business Network anytime, anywhere. Respond efficiently to customer requests by staying connected to your customers on the go.


The SAP Business Network Supplier mobile app is packed with the functionalities you need to satisfy customer requests. The app works on most devices running iOS14.x and higher or Android 9. x and higher. With the app, you can:

  • Create order confirmations, invoices, ship notices, and more
  • See your new leads for sourcing opportunities and respond right from the app 
  • Search for, sort, and locate up to 12 months of orders and invoices
  • Communicate in 24 languages, including English, German, Japanese, and Spanish

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