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A network of connected highways representing SAP Business Network

SAP Business Network

Drive business continuity and growth by collaborating with all your trading partners in real time to infuse speed, agility, and resiliency into your supply chain.

What can SAP Business Network do for your business?

SAP Business Network enables you to collaborate with all trading partners in your supply chain, including suppliers, logistics and services providers, asset operators, maintenance contractors, and more. You can gain unparalleled visibility across all processes in your supply chain and build resiliency into your business.

Level up supplier collaboration

Connect with all your trading partners and suppliers, regardless of type or size, with a flexible and scalable network.

Execute with confidence

Share critical information between your company and your suppliers to improve forecasting and avoid supply chain disruption.

Drive supply chain resiliency

Identify and address risks in your supply chain in tight coordination with suppliers. 

Utilize resources strategically

Digitalize manual supply chain, asset maintenance, and procurement processes to increase productivity, decrease operating costs, and free up FTE capacity.

SAP expands EcoVadis partnership

Trading partners to add EcoVadis sustainability medals to SAP Business Network.

Explore SAP Business Network solutions

SAP Business Network offers solutions for collaborating with your trading partners. 

SAP Business Network for Procurement

Gain efficiencies in your procurement processes, improve supply assurance, and achieve business process and regulatory compliance by increasing procurement transparency while providing access to a community of global suppliers.

SAP Business Network for Supply Chain

Achieve supply chain visibility by enabling plan-driven automation, optimizing capacity and inventory, and streamlining procurement workflows to build resiliency in your supply chains.

SAP Business Network for Logistics

Collaborate with shippers and carriers, share insights, and gain transparency throughout your supply chain by optimizing your logistics processes, increasing on-time deliveries, and mitigating supply risk.

SAP Business Network for Asset Management

Empower asset owners, operators, or service providers to better collaborate and share information through a single, consistent version of asset master data to streamline asset servicing processes and reduce maintenance costs.

SAP Business Network for Trading Partners

Enable transparent, real-time business collaboration with customers and optimize your business for growth, whether you’re a supplier, manufacturer, service provider, or carrier.

Working capital management solutions from Taulia

Free working capital to strengthen your financial supply chain and manage risk with working capital management solutions from Taulia, now part of SAP.

Learn how SAP Business Network can help your business

Improve supplier collaboration

Buyers and suppliers can collaborate to streamline procurement activities with SAP Business Network. With centralized processes and standardized, digital workflows, partners can increase efficiencies, improve compliance, and gain enterprise-wide spend visibility.


Buyer benefits 

  • Provide a unified experience for all trading partners to manage global orders, streamline procurement and supply chain processes, and connect with new partners
  • Minimize complexity for trading partners while reducing costs and increasing compliance
  • Gain a deeper understanding of procurement and supply chain activities with greater visibility into status, trends, and insights  


Supplier benefits 

  • Reduce latency and responsiveness across the supply chain while increasing forecasting accuracy
  • Optimize inventories, reduce working capital, and discover new business opportunities
  • Lower transaction costs by eliminating manual work and reduce up-front setup time with new customers 

Optimize forecast and demand planning

Manufacturers and contract manufacturers can drive process automation and collaboration. SAP Business Network enables partners to reduce latency and downtime, optimize inventory levels, and improve supply predictability.

Manufacturer benefits

  • Use proactive insights to reduce risk, avoid shortages, and meet forecasts
  • Eliminate manual processes, documents, e-mails, and spreadsheets to increase accuracy and speed
  • Gain visibility into supplier-managed inventory and co-manufacturer capacity

Contract manufacturer benefits

  • Increase revenue and business opportunities by being discovered by new customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction through value-added services, order statuses, and product quality
  • Strengthen collaboration and view forecast visibility and changes on demand 

Enhance equipment effectiveness and reduce maintenance costs

Asset operators and services providers can collaborate on end-to-end maintenance activities. With the use of a single, consistent representation of asset master data, partners can optimize maintenance planning, reduce unplanned downtime, and lower the cost of ownership across the asset’s lifecycle.

Asset operator benefits

  • Ensure you have the right parts at the right quantity and the right personnel at the right time to keep equipment and assets running
  • Make informed decisions and address any downtime issues with a unified view across the supply chain
  • Decrease lost-time accidents by improving safety instructions and controls

Service provider benefits

  • Improve speed and collaboration and decrease costs through efficient planning, scheduling, and execution
  • Simplify processes through automated onboarding and streamlined application of complex rate structures
  • Apply digital efficiencies to reduce invoicing errors, add visibility, and improve quality of delivery 

Enable logistics collaboration and transparency

Shippers and carriers jointly oversee the complete freight order lifecycle, monitor goods in transit, and perform end-to-end material traceability. With a single point of access for managing transactions, partners can automate logistics collaboration and reduce costs. 

Shipper benefits

  • Manage freight efficiency with standardized collaboration and insights
  • Increase situational awareness with geolocation tracking and global risk insights based on digital twins that connect physical and digital information
  • Create a trust chain for upstream and downstream product genealogy
  • Provide logistics visibility and key performance indicators across regions, networks, and applications
  • Promote sustainable and resilient supply chains and transform business models for more flexibility  

Carrier benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction by proactively providing real-time shipment progress and notifying stakeholders of exceptions and status updates
  • Reduce risk by introducing advanced track-and-trace capabilities and checkpoints throughout the supply chain for greater compliance and safety
  • Use data from every contact point to make each interaction more informed, each process more efficient, and each experience more meaningful  


Achieve predictable and resilient supply chains with SAP Business Network

Get started with SAP Business Network

If you’re a buyer, watch a recorded demo to see how transactions work on SAP Business Network with your suppliers and other trading partners. If you’re a supplier, carrier, contract manufacturer, or services provider, find out how you can jump-start your participation on SAP Business Network by creating a business profile today.

Buyers: See SAP Business Network in action

Learn how transactions work on SAP Business Network with your suppliers and other trading partners. Discover the many benefits and insights both buyers and suppliers can gain through collaboration on SAP Business Network.

Suppliers: Register to find new customers

Register for the SAP Ariba Discovery solution, a business matchmaking solution that automatically sends you high-quality leads from buyers who want what you offer. Registration is free and creating your profile is quick and easy.

Discover how our customers succeed with SAP Business Network solutions

Learn more about the transformative business outcomes our customers are achieving with the help of SAP Business Network solutions.

Al Dahra sows the seeds for long-term growth by centralizing procurement with SAP Business Network solutions.

SBB AG transports 1.25 million passengers every day in comfort and safety with the help of SAP Business Network for Asset Management.

Döhler increases shipping efficiencies and lowers costs with SAP Business Network for Logistics

Find out what IDC is saying about the importance of business networks

Enabling business resiliency with global B2B collaboration networks

See how companies that use business networks have been able to enhance collaboration and visibility, key components of an agile and resilient supply chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Today’s systems limit supply chain visibility, restrict data interactions, and reduce collaboration. By sharing information network-wide, SAP Business Network allows enterprises to get real-time 360-degree visibility to sense demand and anticipate risks. 

While businesses generate unimaginable amounts of data, turning that data into insights or intelligent information is often difficult. SAP Business Network leverages data to help businesses predict risks and opportunities and make more informed decisions by using the collective intelligence of the network. 

Trading partners represent the various customers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributers, carriers, services providers, and other parties in your supply chain. SAP Business Network centralizes your workflow for real-time, seamless communication.

Supply chain collaboration happens when interconnected businesses work in tandem. Businesses need to communicate with trading partners to ensure steady operations. SAP Business Network for Supply Chain enables users with real-time collaboration on documents and supply chain needs on a single, connected platform across the network

If you’re a buyer, watch a video demo of SAP Business Network for buyers here. If you have direct spend or digital supply chain needs, check out a demo here.

If you’re a trading partner, including suppliers, carriers, services providers, and contract manufacturers, you can view an overview video of SAP Business Network for trading partners here.

SAP Business Network Discovery is a premier global B2B matching solution on SAP Business Network. It offers trading partners new business opportunities from leading buying organizations – including Global 2000 companies. It provides a fast and easy way to create your company profile, which then gets shared with buyers looking for what you sell. If your vendor capabilities match a buyer’s project requirements, you will be instantly notified of the opportunity. By bringing the quality leads to you, you can save time and costs.

Questions? Get in touch!

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