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Lead to cash with SAP AI 

Strengthen the sales and customer experience.

Turn prospects into lifelong customers

Transform your lead-to-cash process with SAP AI – from the first marketing contact to post-purchase service and every touch point in between. Improve all activities related to marketing, sales, customer service, order fulfillment, service delivery, invoicing, and accounts receivable.

Infuse AI into your sales and customer experience to:

  • Boost marketing and sales pipelines with enhanced lead and opportunity scoring  
  • Clear accounts receivables fast with intelligent payment processing and invoice matching
  • Personalize the entire customer journey with performance-driven recommendations

Deliver memorable customer and sales experiences with SAP AI

Plans to optimize marketing and sales

Use SAP AI to optimize marketing strategy, customer service strategy, sales planning, budgeting, and forecasting.


SAP Sales Cloud

  • Build an intelligent network of who knows who in your organization 
  • Improve pipeline yield with deal focus recommendations 
  • Improve forecast accuracy with automatic pipeline health assessments 


  • Accurately forecast achievable sales volume with intelligent performance predictions 
  • Improve forecasts with quote-to-order conversion probability analysis 

Market to lead

Use SAP AI to enhance marketing execution, segmentation, pricing, promotions, and lead generation.


SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

  • Increase e-mail channel revenue with personalized product recommendations 
  • Maximize e-mail engagement with send time and delivery optimization  

Opportunity to quote

Use SAP AI to optimize sales executions – including quotation, configuration, and pricing.



  • Improve the likelihood to close with discount recommendations  
  • Increase deal size with personalized cross-sell recommendations

SAP Sales Cloud

  • Identify your top opportunities with AI-powered opportunity scoring

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

  • Increase Web channel revenue with personalized product recommendations 
  • Predict customer purchasing intent with AI lead scoring
  • Increase new in-stock item sales with visually similar cart recommendations 

Order to fulfillment

 Use SAP AI to optimize customer order and contract management – as well as fulfillment processes for physical products, services, and subscriptions.


  • Simplify tax management with tax compliance detection and automation 
  • Create sales orders efficiently from unstructured data 

Request to service

Use SAP AI to enhance all sales-related services delivered to customers, such as inquiries, warranty claims, and recalls.

SAP Service Cloud

  • Improve first-contact resolution and handle time with service ticket intelligence 

Invoice to cash

Use SAP AI to optimize the operational sales process by managing customer invoices, receivables, and collections.


  • Clear payments automatically with the intelligent matching of payments and invoices 
  • Accelerate financial close with automatic reconciliation and accruals  
  • Increase accuracy of financial statements and accelerate financial close 
  • Save time with automatic cross-company reconciliation and document matching 
  • Avoid financial damages from illegitimate activities with business integrity screening
  • Increase transparency and prevent errors with abnormal liquidity item detection 

Customer and channel management

Use SAP AI to enhance the operational sales process by enabling the management of customer data, product information, sales partners, and omnichannel platforms.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • Prevent potential security breaches with AI intrusion detection

SAP AI empowers our customers to deliver better sales and customer experiences

The collaboration of our Global IT organization and SAP on the development of the technical solution combined with our cash application team’s process knowledge is what led to the right result for the business.

Ronald Stevens,

Managing Director – Controllership Capability, Accenture

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