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AI Services

Infuse artificial intelligence into your apps with scalability and responsibility in mind, so you can run your business faster and smarter.

AI solutions on SAP Business Technology Platform

Make your business applications and processes more intelligent with the power of AI on SAP Business Technology Platform.


  • Accelerate development with pretrained AI models
  • Manage the AI model lifecycle in one central place
  • Run AI responsibly with transparency and compliance 

AI solution and capabilities from SAP

Add intelligence to your applications using AI models pretrained on business-relevant data

  • Reduce manual effort with intelligent business document processing
  • Automate faster data management tasks with data attribute recommendations
  • Enhance user engagement with personalized recommendations

Deploy and run AI models at scale without compromising data privacy and cost-effectiveness

  • Train and serve models to multiple end points
  • Optimize inferencing and training cost
  • Help ensure data privacy in multitenant deployment

Mange the entire machine learning lifecycle in one central place

  • Accelerate the machine learning lifecycle with robust machine learning operations (MLOps)
  • Gain greater visibility into your AI solutions
  • Accelerate AI projects with reusable components
  • Monitor model performance statistics continuously and retrain as needed

Analyze smarter and automate faster with built-in AI capabilities in SAP BTP solutions

SAP Analytics Cloud

Explore relationships in your data set and predict future events or trends.

SAP Build Process Automation

Leverage AI for help with data-driven decision-making and document processing.


SAP Business Technology Platform trial

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Resources for AI solutions and services from SAP

Learn more about AI with SAP

AI ethics policy

We strive to ensure the AI technology we build is ethical, responsible, and trustworthy.

Innovating in AI research

We bridge the gap between academia and industry to create purposeful AI use cases.

AI Apps

AI insights, recommendations, and automation built into your SAP apps. Optimized for how you run your business.

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