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SAP SMS 365, enterprise service

Connect with consumers worldwide – with our bulk SMS messaging service for enterprises

Extend your enterprise reach by engaging and interacting with consumers across geographies – with SAP SMS 365, enterprise service. This powerful application to person (A2P) messaging service includes unparalleled reach, quality, scalability, and local expertise – so you can easily support business needs, speed programs to market, and accelerate time to revenue.

  • Reach users through a single connection, regardless of operator or user technology  
  • Accurately route text messages even after porting, with an advanced mobile number portability (MNP) database    
  • Identify usage and demand patterns quickly and accurately with comprehensive reporting tools    
  • Monitor your service on the move, with our iPad Dashboard

Featured Resources

Mobile messaging for enterprises

The digital economy is changing how enterprises and their customers communicate and interact with each other. Learn how mobile messaging is being integrated into an increasing number of business processes as a key enabler of this transformation.

2FA: Tailor-Made for SMS

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is now a common means of increasing account security used by social networks and mobile ecommerce. SMS is fast becoming an accepted solution for 2FA. Explore myths, misconceptions, and best practices for SMS-based One-Time-Password (OTP).

SMS Advantage

Read the survey results on consumer responses of their preferred technologies to understand how they want to engage with enterprises using their mobile phone. Discover how to use the SMS advantage based on how consumers view different engagement methods.

SAP SMS 365 Dashboard

Get real-time access to SMS messaging statistics of your key messaging statistics anywhere and anytime right from your iPad.

Online support portal

Enterprise knowledgebase is a self-service tool and a single point of reference for our service. Get the latest technical, support, FAQ, and troubleshooting documentation direct from our online knowledgebase for SAP SMS 365, enterprise service customers. Register today for access.

Mobile messaging use cases

Discover guidelines for today’s ever-changing messaging ecosystem. Understand the intricacies of today’s mobile messaging and the rules around various person-to-person and application-to-person use cases in this paper.

MediaTech Solutions: Expanding business

Find out how MediaTech Solutions became a global leader in the real-time feedback management services sector with the help of SAP SMS 365, enterprise service. Now its customers can access offers and provide feedback quickly via a mobile phone, increasing response rates.

Expert Community

Keep yourself up to date with the latest blogs from William Dudley, SAP Group Director, sharing content on SAP Mobile Services’ global strategy within the mobile ecosystem.
Discuss the opportunities and challenges to connect with consumers, around the world, through SMS and explore best practices in engaging your audience with mobile marketing, research and loyalty services.
Join the discussion forum, SAP for Mobile blog and documents to learn and get help. SAP delivers mission-critical capabilities to mobile users with a range of mobile apps and infrastructure for access to business processes on any device.
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