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Turn vast amounts of data into meaningful insights that your organization can act on.  Database and Data management products from SAP allow you to collect and manage data, store and retrieve data from one or more sources, and distribute that information to one or more audiences quickly and accurately.

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

Drive faster, more reliable transaction processing with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE).  This affordable relational database management system (RDBMS) is designed for high-performance transaction-based applications involving massive volumes of data and thousands of concurrent users.

Explore SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise



SAP’s next generation data warehousing solution that enables organizations to achieve real-time analytics by connecting historical data with live data stored in SAP and non SAP environments.

Explore SAP BW/4HANA


SAP Data Maintenance for SAP ERP by Vistex

SAP Data Maintenance for ERP by Vistex is a front-end tool that provides a flexible user interface to manipulate and automate mass updates to material, customer, vendor and pricing data in ERP.

Explore SAP Data Maintenance for SAP ERP by Vistex


SAP Data Services

Use big data to your advantage, leverage location-based intelligence, and support critical business processes – with SAP Data Services.

Explore SAP Data Services


SAP Digital Content Processing by OpenText

Move from manual, document-centric processes to fully automated, digital processes – with our document capture software.

Explore SAP Digital Content Processing


SAP Event Stream Processor

Make faster, more profitable decisions by using our award-winning complex event processing platform to analyze events as they unfold.

Explore SAP Event Stream Processor



SAP HANA converges database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing so businesses can operate in real-time.

Explore SAP HANA


SAP Vora

Reveal unprecedented business context – and make more precise decisions – with SAP Vora. This in-memory query engine plugs into the Apache Spark framework to provide quick, interactive analysis on Big Data stored in Hadoop and SAP HANA.

Explore SAP Vora


SAP Information Steward

SAP Information Steward Accelerator reduces the time needed to investigate data errors in order to ensure stellar data quality, integrity, and governance.

Explore SAP Information Steward



Transform your business and enhance in-the-moment decision making with the latest version of SAP IQ, a highly optimized RDBMS built for extreme-scale Big Data analytics and warehousing.

Explore SAP IQ


SAP Landscape Transformation

SAP Landscape Transformation software lets you better plan, analyze, sequence, and realize
your transformation project within common business scenarios that address mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, internal reorganizations, and projects to harmonize existing business processes.

Explore SAP Landscape Transformation


SAP Master Data Governance

SAP Master Data Governance helps insure accountability for your master data – from creation in SAP Business Suite through delivery to other solutions.

Explore SAP Master Data Governance



SAP PowerBuilder

SAP PowerBuilder is the most productive tool for building data driven business applications. Its patented DataWindow technology delivers unparalleled productivity for accessing, manipulating, and sharing complex data in your applications, with just a few lines of script. The reporting tool InfoMaker is also included.

Explore SAP PowerBuilder


SAP PowerDesigner

SAP PowerDesigner software helps organizations plan and manage complex business transformation initiatives. The software’s integrated modeling tools, with link-and-sync technology, enable you to visualize the current state of your enterprise as well as future states involving new solutions.

Explore SAP PowerDesigner


SAP Replication Server

Access, move, capture, and synchronize high-volume data across your enterprise – without impacting production – with our data replication software.

Explore SAP Replication Server

SAP SQL Anywhere

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere lets you rapidly design and power embedded database applications that run remotely on laptops, handhelds, and smartphones.

Explore SAP SQL Anywhere


SAP Test Data Migration Server

SAP Test Data Migration Server is a high-speed data extraction tool that transfers relevant business data from your SAP production system to your development, test, quality assurance, or training system.

Explore SAP Test Data Migration Server

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