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SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for teams

Speed time to insight with self-service BI and data visualization for SMEs, teams, and departments

Simplify data analysis and create compelling data stories with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for teams. Built and priced for small and medium businesses, teams, and departments, the solution runs on Windows and can be installed in minutes.

Product Capabilities

Functional Capabilities

Interactive data visualization

Discover hidden patterns and outliers from your data through attention-grabbing data visualizations, data mashups, storyboards, and infographics.

In-memory analysis

Accelerate data analysis using a host of standard visualizations on a blazing fast in-memory engine – no scripts or coding required.

Data visualization without IT

Create, view, and edit content directly in your Web browser or mobile device (native iPad and Android apps). Easily build infographics or use your own custom visualizations.

Mobile and Web support

Install and start visualizing any data in less than 30 minutes without help from IT. The entire solution runs on a lightweight Windows-based server and includes an embedded in-memory engine and portal.


Technical Capabilities

Database access

Connect to your data no matter where it lives.  

SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes

Leverage the power of trusted data discovery by connecting the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform to SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects BI universes.

Web and mobile support

Take advantage of data visualizations no matter where you happen to be – through a Web browser or on a mobile device.

Secure sharing

Know that your work is secure with the ability to set user administration and viewing rights.

Data visualization and storyboards

Understand and share the true meaning behind your business data by creating storyboards that group relevant data visualizations together.


A video guide to key functions in SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for teams

Summon your inner genius

Read more about using SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for teams to tap into your data, big and small – and help your teams and departments better understand their data.

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