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Manage your system and network assets with SAP IT Infrastructure Management

Maximize the value of your IT landscape – and gain transparency across your asset base. Our IT infrastructure management software integrates seamlessly with SAP Solution Manager to help you quickly discover all network assets, continuously monitor asset data, and drive an integrated infrastructure and application lifecycle process.

  • Lower IT costs by managing hardware, and SAP and non-SAP software, with just one tool
  • Improve service levels by quickly identifying the root cause of incidents
  • Secure continuous revenue streams by minimizing system downtime
  • Make faster decisions regarding outsourcing and cloud-based services
  • Increase transparency and auditability with consistent change documentation
  • Align IT with business demands – for improved performance and lower costs

What's Included

Asset and Inventory Management

Automate hardware discovery, standardize and consolidate data – and increase visibility into dependencies, connections, and topologies.

  • Automate the device discovery process for your entire network
  • Standardize, consolidate, and normalize data across SAP and non-SAP sources
  • Rely on a configuration management database (CMDB) that's always up-to-date
  • Map the connections between devices, view current status, and visualize dependencies
Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor all assets across your network in real time – to avoid application downtime and proactively identify and resolve issues.

  • Detect and resolve issues before your end users experience a problem – with alerts and alarms
  • Identify issues caused by network components essential to all communication – not just SAP applications
Root Cause Analysis

Drill down into real-time asset data in the CMBD, trace broken connections, and pinpoint root causes – for faster issue resolution.

  • Quickly resolve issues and events by identifying what caused them in the first place
  • Prevent negative business impact and avoid lost revenue
  • Keep operations and staff working and peak productivity
Device Configuration and Provisioning

Centrally administer and roll out new configuration parameters, parameter settings, and firmware versions in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Configure and update network devices in batches – and save countless hours of manual work
  • Leverage an end-to-end change management process, and eliminate the need for additional software
Enhanced IT Service Management

Monitor your SAP and non-SAP applications, hardware, and components – and conduct integrated, data-driven incident and change management.

  • Understand how planned (and unplanned) asset downtime will affect specific applications, processes, and users
  • Coordinate downtimes with affected departments before they are impacted
Transparency and Documentation

Automatically document all changes and actions made to any item – for easy access to up-to-date information and greater transparency.

  • Be perpetually prepared for internal and external audits
  • Base strategic decisions on complete, up-to-date data

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