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Drive more effective contract management for your agricultural commodities

Take advantage of flexible, comprehensive contract support for your agricultural commodities – with SAP Agricultural Contract Management software. Control and track all expenses related to individual deals, consolidate complex settlements, and take advantage of automated processing with configurable business rules.

  • Simplify and improve contract management, execution, and settlement
  • Create contracts with agricultural terms and conditions for different commodities
  • Support contract amendments, cancelations, washouts, and commingled stock scenarios
  • Use optional interfaces that integrate with your risk management software

Effectively Manage Agricultural Contracts and Settlements

Read how SAP Agricultural Contract Management integrates data and processes for finance, inventory, and risk management with contract management. Discover how your agricultural company can centrally manage and control all contracts with thousands of business partners for a wide range of commodities.

Unravel Your Contract Management Complexities

A lot goes into bringing crops from the field to your fork, and contracts that help define a crop’s journey can be quite complex. The SAP Agricultural Contract Management application helps unravel those complexities to help companies keep a close eye on profit margins.
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