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Download and run the default YaaS storefront

By Seyedehmorvarid Khademhaghighat

The YaaS Storefront is a fully customizable, feature-rich, default shopping web site, from which you can create your very own online shop. YaaS looks after all the tricky details, like security, authorization, payment and cart workflows, so that you can focus on more interesting topics, like personalization and overall coolness of your online shop. In this tutorial, you will download, run and explore the default YaaS Storefront.


You will learn

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own e-commerce shop in minutes with the YaaS Storefront.

The YaaS Storefront is based on Node.js, Angular and Restangular. If you are not already familiar with these, and would like to dive into the code, you can follow the provided links to start learning.

Step 1: Install Node and Git

Confirm that you have Node.js and Git installed:

Step 2: Clone the YaaS StoreFront

Clone the YaaS StoreFront:

  • Create a folder which we will refer to as (1) in the following steps, and cd into it.
  • Run git clone to clone the StoreFront into (1)
  • Confirm you now see the folder yaas-storefront inside (1), and cd into it.
Step 3: Download dependencies

Use Node’s package manager to download the dependencies:

  • The YaaS StoreFront includes npm, Node.js’s package manager, for downloading dependent packages.
  • Run npm install to download all the packages the Storefront depends on. The console should show npm downloading many dependencies; confirm this is the case.
Step 4: Start a local web server

Start a local web server

  • Run the command npm start to start a local web server. If your command prompt looks like the following image, you will know that the server is running.
Server Running
Step 5: Open your Storefront

Open your own default Storefront

  • Open a browser (we like Chrome) and go to http://localhost:9000 where you should see your own StoreFront, ready for your pimping skills.
  • Verify you can see and browse products in the Storefront.
Verify Browse

You now have seen a default YaaS Storefront running locally on your machine. The next step is to customize and personalize it. In the next tutorial you will add a feature to the StoreFront called “Mr Tip”. When browsing products, the undecided purchaser can click on “Mr Tip” to get advice, with helpful responses such as “Absolutely yes!!” and “One word: No”.

Next Steps

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