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Showcase: Wind Energy Forecasting and Action by FogHorn

Wind Energy Forecasting and Action is a solution that allows renewable energy companies required per government mandate to accurately predict, report and meet power generation over the next 24 hours.


The solution provides the ability to generate alerts at least 90-minutes ahead of time for turbines that cannot meet 24 hours energy generation forecast and apply it to either optimize turbine settings or revise forecast.


Key technical capabilities

  • 6 month+ historical and real-time data collected from SCADA controller system on each turbine, augmented with weather, atmosphere and terrain data
  • Train models based on 20+ attributes to predict power generation over 15-min intervals
  • Apply models at the edge to produce real-time scores on power generation. VEL expressions are used to compare performance against forecast to generate alerts
  • Enable technicians to either fine tune turbine settings or revise forecast


Architectural diagram / data flow chart


Technologies Used

  • Vel&CEP
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Docker
  • Historian
  • MQTT
  • ML
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