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SAP Cloud Platform SOC 1 (ISAE3402) Audit Report 2020 H1

SAP Cloud Platform is a Business Application Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. It enables SAP, its partners and customers to develop, deploy, run, operate, and use applications in a cloud environment.

Additionally, SAP provides and operates Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions on SAP Cloud Platform. Those also leverage the SAP Cloud Platform management system and operational controls. Therefore, everywhere in this system description where referred to SAP Cloud Platform, all services, tools, applications, SaaS solutions, part of or running on SAP Cloud Platform, are included as described in the chapter Service Overview.

SAP Cloud Platform is a product implemented by SAP, and as such, it follows SAP’s Secure Development Lifecycle framework for product and solution creation, certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.

SOC1 reports specifically address service organizations internal control over financial reporting and controls specified by the service provider. The SOC1 reports are intended solely for the information and use of existing user entities (for ex. Existing customers of the service organization), their financial statement auditors and management of the service organization. SOC 1 reports are prepared in accordance with Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No.18, a new guidance that the auditors use to conduct a SOC1 engagement. SOC1 Type 1 covers management’s description of a service organization’s system and the suitability of the design of controls at a specific point in time, whereas a SOC1 Type 2 also includes the operating effectiveness of controls for a dedicated period of time.

SAP Cloud Platform has regularly prepared SOC2 Type 2 audit reports by an independent 3rd party accountant. This version of the report covers the audit period 1. November 2019 to 30. April 2020, the location St. Leon–Rot (Germany) and Colorado Springs (Colorado, USA) as well as in the co-location data centers:

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Shanghai (China)

Ashburn (Virginia, USA)


Council Bluffs (Iowa)

Sydney (Australia)

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Tokyo (Japan)

Frankfurt (Germany)

Toronto (Canada)

Montreal (Canada)

US East (Virginia, USA)

Moscow (Russian Federation)

US West (Washington USA)

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

US West, Chandler USA 

Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Sterling (Virginia, USA) 

The use of these reports is restricted. A copy of this report is available for all SAP Cloud Platform customers who had productive and had financially-relevant systems during the audit period covered by the report.

SAP Cloud Platform SOC1 Type 2 report covers within audit period the following services:

SAP Cloud Platform Runtime

Keystore Service

SAP Cloud Platform Git Service

Authorization & Trust Management Service

Credential Store

Job Scheduler

SAP Cloud Platform SAP HANA Service

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP environment

PostgreSQL on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform Integration for data services

SAP Fiori Cloud

MongoDB on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform Portal

SAP Fiori Mobile

SAP Cloud Platform SAP ASE service

SAP Document Center

UI Theme Designer

Redis on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

Open Connectors

Object Store as a Service

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning

SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning

RabbitMQ on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform API Management

SAP Cloud Platform WEB IDE

Customer Domain Service

SAP API Business Hub

Workflow Service

Debugging Service

SAP Cloud Platform Identity and Authentication

Forms by Adobe

SAP Cloud Platform Document Service

Application Logging Service

Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Java Apps Lifecycle Management

Feature Flags Service

Enterprise Messaging

Solutions Lifecycle Management

Application Autoscaler Service

Integration Advisor

Profiling Service

Destination Service

Remote Data Sync

OAuth 2.0 Service

SAP Cloud Platform Enhanced Disaster Recovery

SAP Analytics Cloud including SAP Digital Boardroom and SAP Analytics Hub


SAP Cloud Platform Virtual Machine

SAP Kubernetes Gardener 

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