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Integrated Intelligent Suite

Our strategy for helping businesses become intelligent enterprises includes the delivery of a consistent experience along end-to-end processes supported by an intelligent suite. The key enabler of such an experience is the holistic approach we use to integrate our applications across all dimensions with the least effort. This includes additional essential suite qualities, such as consistent security and identity management, a core integration and master data strategy, coordinated lifecycle management, and embedded analytics across cloud solutions from SAP and our digital core.


  • Create a seamless user experience: Dive into our user experience strategy, experience a harmonized look and feel across SAP solutions, and discover how to quickly implement and run the SAP Fiori user experience (UX) inside your company.
  • Establish consistent security and identity management: Learn how to prevent cyberattacks and establish efficient access and identity governance solutions across your hybrid landscape supported by the Intelligent Enterprise.
  • Apply a core integration and master data strategy: Learn about our holistic integration approach to deliver an integrated, intelligent suite and discover how to take advantage of prepackaged integration for SAP applications. Find out about master data management and integration as two complementary cornerstones for the intelligent suite.
  • Support coordinated lifecycle management: Learn how to benefit from harmonized provisioning, setup, operations, and monitoring for your end-to-end processes. Get guidance on how you can increase automation, lower costs, and improve efficiency in your hybrid landscape.
  • Include embedded and cross-product analytics: Make fast and confident decisions with SAP Analytics solutions that are based on a holistic, 360-degree business and customer view across integrated end-to-end processes.
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