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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Serving 92 million travelers annually

Most activity at international airports happens beyond the sight of the people passing through. But providing travelers with the comfort, convenience, and security they expect requires a tremendous amount of coordination. In addition to coordinating the tens of thousands of airport employees, GMR Group has to coordinate gigantic volumes of data. Behind the scenes, GMR runs on SAP.

GMR Group (GMR Airports)

US$2.8 billion

Number of Employees
17,000 worldwide

Implementation Partners

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions, SAP ERP

Bangalore, India

Customer Website

QlickView, IBM

Implementation Partner URL

Travel & Transportation

Customer Snapshot: History

Specialists in Large Infrastructural Facilities

Founded in 1978, GMR Group is a global infrastructure company that specializes in the design, development, and management of airports, power generation facilities, roads, and urban infrastructure.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Uniting Government and Private Sector Strengths

GMR operates within a public-private partnership (PPP) model, which has multiple operating and holding/owning options. In an increasingly competitive global economy, governments worldwide are focusing on new ways to finance projects, build infrastructure, and deliver services. Public-private partnerships are emerging as a tool to bring together the strengths of both the government and private sectors.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Public-Private Partnership is Behind it All

The key to success at GMR is their adoption of the PPP model, and the creation of unique consortiums that bid on, and execute projects.

The Challenge

Analyzing Data from Multiple Sources

Managers make critical decisions daily at the three airports operated by the GMR Group. They base these decisions on the large amounts of historical data that reside across multiple data sources in India and Turkey. Proper analysis of operational data can identify the operational strengths and weaknesses in everything from the performance and safety of airlines to the quality and efficiency of ground handlers, service providers, and concessionaires.


But siloes of information required employees to collect and sort data from each source and manually create presentations for operations and management. The solution was time consuming and risked manual errors, and it couldn’t be scaled to meet the expected growth during GMR Group’s multi-year contracts.

The company wanted one consolidated dashboard that could provide an instant and accurate view of the operations for all three airports—in Delhi and Hyderabad, India, and in Istanbul, Turkey.

Enter SAP

Long Time SAP Customer

GMR has been a valued customer of SAP’s for over seven years, using the SAP ERP application and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Solutions. The company requested that their solution provider, SAP Partner GrayMatter Software Services Pvt. Ltd., present a platform-agnostic solution that could integrate all of the underlying SAP modules and other data.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


GMR Group considered products from QlickView and IBM, but neither could fully meet the company’s requirements or integrate with GMR’s pre-existing solutions. However, GrayMatter’s airport analytics solution, AA+, runs on the SAP BusinessObjects platform. Not only did it integrate easily with GMR Group’s disparate data sources, it was easily configurable for users.

The dashboard provided management with one consolidated view of operations at all three airports.

Better Business

One Eye in the Sky Gives Global Visibility

A single centralized data repository provides a quick snapshot of GMR’s entire airport business—including air traffic, departures, arrivals, cargo volumes, and on-time performance of flights. Customizable filters let users present the data in dashboards specific to their business areas, such as aviation-based revenues, non-aviation-based revenues, airport operation financials, receivables, expenditures, and airport service quality surveys. Users can also drill down into the details via the dashboards.

We have been using SAP for 7 years. SAP has the most robust solutions in the industry which helps enterprises plan for the future. Implementing SAP Business Objects with GrayMatter’s AA+ solution gives our executives a quick snapshot of the live data for our entire Airport Business. It has changed the way we do business and make decisions. –Mr. Sivaram IT Advisor, Group CIO, GMR Group

Better Business: Benefits

Helps People in Countless Ways— and Improves Overall Business

Passengers benefit directly from the analysis of data gathered from GMR’s common user terminal equipment (CUTE) and common user self-service (CUSS) equipment that allows passengers to check themselves in without the aid of an agent. Analytics from the SAP solutions help operational personnel to optimize the numbers and locations of CUTE/CUSS technologies at GMR’s airports’ departure concourses.

Previously, GMR staff spent considerable time and effort, collecting and collating monthly data and the manual process were causing reporting inaccuracies. With the SAP-based AA+ solution, GMR is able to review, in real-time, data that helps improve decision making and gives the staff, managers, and executives the ability to customize reports in a format most useful to them. In addition to reducing the time required to collect and analyze data, GMR has been able to re-allocate business personnel to more strategic areas, including planning, development, and operational excellence.

Better Business: Run Simple

Streamlined Efficiency

GMR saves valuable time and resources because of the improved capacity for collecting, analyzing, and acting upon data for all three international airports. The SAP solution improves overall operational efficiency, streamlines expenditures and increases additional sources of revenue for the airport.

Journey Ahead

Allowing for Additional Expansions

The successful implementation of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence at their airports is likely to expand to the company’s other businesses. GMR already uses SAP ERP applications for their energy, highways, urban infrastructure and airport divisions. Company officials are examining the business potential for extending SAP Business Objects into those business areas as well.

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