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Customer Snapshot: Overview

300 retail points and sales across 25 countries in 6 years

Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger (M.R.K.T.) creates and sells unique accessories with foundations deeply rooted in architecture and urban design. This fashion-forward approach has led to the global success of M.R.K.T, enabling the company to expand from Shanghai to a more global presence with more than 300 retail points and sales across 25 countries. M.R.K.T. was looking to bring the same streamlined functionality of their product line to their ordering process and customer data management.

Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger (M.R.K.T.)

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Line of Business
Commerce, Manufacturing, Sales, Service, Supply Chain, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Anywhere

Los Angeles, California, USA

Number of Employees


Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live

With SAP® Anywhere, M.R.K.T. became an early adapter, bringing the forward-thinking mentality of their product line to their inventory management system.

Customer Snapshot: History


A Fashion-Forward Approach With Roots in Architecture

M.R.K.T. was founded in 2010 by a Harvard trained architect as a way to challenge conventional fashion trends.

It started with a few pieces of felt and a unique design aesthetic.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Urban-Inspired Designs for a Unique Presence

By creating bags and accessories inspired by architectural concepts of clean and pure forms derived from function, structure, and experimental geometry, the company‘s aim is to push the boundaries of design and function.

In the thriving urban streets of the world, where creativity radiates, unconventional ideas are tested, and uniqueness is encouraged, lives the distinctive DNA of Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger.


All M.R.K.T. products are deliberately designed to incorporate vibrant colors, unconventional materials, distinctive patterns, and innovative construction techniques, inviting their customers to enter a world of self-expression, imagination, and creativity.

Function follows form with eco-friendly materials and innovative designs.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Staying Street-Wise and Ahead of Trends

The company started with one small street level shop in Shanghai and quickly grew to 40 retail stores. When M.R.K.T. expanded to the United States, they went with a wholesale and direct-to-consumer, e-commerce approach.

The company started with a few made-to-order products using a laser cutting machine and felt.

The Challenge

Global Success Required a Global Product Management System

As M.R.K.T. grew, the disconnected legacy systems which had served them well in the company’s infancy began to create inefficiencies. It quickly became clear that the company needed a scalable system that would manage the company’s new needs and continue to grow with the company’s success.

As the company grew, so did their needs.


As business picked up, we looked back at our operations and saw it was just pieced together to make things work. We want to simplify that, build something scalable, and be able to make smart decisions – and that is what we are doing with SAP Anywhere. — Shaun Nath, Co-Founder and CEO of M.R.K.T.

Enter SAP

Many Issues, One Simple Solution

The company was drawn to the elegant simplicity of SAP® Anywhere, which closely mirrored the sleek urban design of M.R.K.T.’s own fashion accessory line. The disconnected legacy systems could easily be consolidated and streamlined into the unified, cloud-based, mobile-enabled system. The team was attracted to SAP Anywhere’s ability to deliver a consistent shopping experience to customers regardless of location, device, or channel.

Non-tech employees are finding they’re actually excited by how easy-to-use the new system is.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Early Adopters

From the scanner-based inventory system to printed receipts with bar codes, the in-store experience has been transformed for employees and for customers as well.


Gone are the paper-based systems. In their place is well-trained employees who have information at their fingertips, well-stocked inventory, and correct, up-to-the-minute information to better serve their customers. The SAP team customized reports, enabling employees to simply log onto the system, select the reports they want to create, and gather real-time data. What used to take hours now takes seconds.

Employees took to the system quickly with the support of the SAP team.

Managing our different sales channels has been a real challenge, so we are excited to be part of the early adopter program for SAP Anywhere and to tie all the pieces together as we continue to grow. — Shaun Nath, Co-Founder and CEO of M.R.K.T.

Better Business

Trending Upward

With all inventory, sales, and customer data in one system accessible and visible in real-time on any device, M.R.K.T. can improve profit margins and increase revenue through a combination of optimized inventory management, a seamless omnichannel shopping experience, and better brand awareness around the globe to keep customers coming back for more. Trend-setting and intelligent urban explorers can now find the perfect design from M.R.K.T. whenever, wherever they want to shop.

Better Business: Benefits

A Small Business With a Strong IT Foundation

Simple user interfaces and visualization tools and improved search algorithms have helped M.R.K.T. provide a consistent, omnichannel experience to their customers, further validating their presence in the marketplace as a professional, trustworthy purveyor of fine goods.


Since consumers look at small and large businesses with the same critical eye, SAP Anywhere has provided M.R.K.T with the face and efficiencies of a large company while maintaining their unique, fashion-forward, boutique feel.

A big solution with a small price tag, SAP Anywhere fits just right for this small, growing business.

Better Business: Run Simple

Light as a Cloud, Strong as SAP

With SAP Anywhere, M.R.K.T. now has a real-time view into customer data, inventory and sales, allowing the company to make sophisticated decisions without the load of a heavy IT system. The new system has already paid off with great numbers in increased sales, greater order accuracy, increased efficiency across the board and, perhaps most important to a growing company, higher customer satisfaction.

The team can now access an instantaneous snapshot from anywhere.

SAP Anywhere has tied our sales channels together in a way that is simple and accessible from anywhere in the world. It has given us speed and agility and provided us with the information to identify where opportunities exist and make smart decisions about inventory allocations."— Shaun Nath, Co-Founder and CEO of M.R.K.T.

Journey Ahead


Limitless Growth With SAP Anywhere

While M.R.K.T. is currently using SAP Anywhere for wholesale orders, the next step is to take it to the vendor level.

I feel very confident that SAP Anywhere is the right software for us. It can grow with us limitlessly into the future. — Tom Pen, Co-Founder, M.R.K.T.
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