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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Saved an estimated $3 million in staffing costs over 5 years

ValueOptions, the largest independent behavioral health and wellness company in the United States, has gained a distinct advantage by giving their customers ready access to theinformation they need. Internally, ValueOptions has improved insight, decision-making, and productivity while also cutting costs.


More than US$1 billion

Number of Employees

Life Sciences

Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, SAP BusinessObjects Roaming BI by MeLLmo, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, SAP Data Integrator

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

ValueOptions is a health improvement company that serves more than 32 million individuals. On behalf of employers, health plans and government agencies, it manages innovative programs and solutions that directly address the challenges the health care system faces today.

The Challenge

Meeting the Demand for Data

ValueOptions wanted to meet the increased demand (both from customers and from internal managers) for data-driven decision-making. This meant getting information to decision-makers faster and more efficiently – all while handling increased data volumes and keeping costs in check.

Enter SAP

The Best Choice

ValueOptions looked to SAP for best-in-class business intelligence functionality and a single, multichannel platform for business intelligence support. With ad hoc reporting, high-quality self-service dashboards and reporting tools, and a strong portfolio of offerings to add further business value, SAP was the best choice.

Better Business

Faster and Easier

Having chosen the SAP solutions, ValueOptions (and its customers) have been particularly impressed by the speed-of-thought ad hoc reporting. Self-service dashboards make ease-of-use a strong factor as well.

Better Business: Benefits

Measurable Benefits

ValueOptions has saved an estimated $3 million in staffing costs over 5 years and improved deal win rate by 44%. And the need for individual ad hoc support has been reduced by 39%. Ready access to data has helped ValueOptions improve call center performance, strengthen provider relations, increase financial visibility, and enable better decisions.

Better Business: Run Simple

Fulfilling Requests

About 6,000 users – from inside and outside the company – generate nearly 600,000 requests annually from ValueOptions IntelligenceConnect® for SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions. ValueOptions gives customers a BI platform they could not afford on their own, and currently supports more than 20 individual solutions for external customers.

Journey Ahead

More Interactivity. More Mobility.

Going forward, ValueOptions hopes to enhance their interactive and mobile capabilities, and is exploring other ways to strengthen their service offerings and maintain customer loyalty in a highly competitive industry.

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