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Flex your leadership muscles with a corporate finance career at SAP. Work with big goals – and big budgets – to help us make the right moves in the digital economy. As a member of our finance team, you’ll use the latest technology to navigate risk and opportunity – and you’ll have a respected voice at the world’s largest business software company. 

Take aim at ambitious financial targets

At SAP, we’ve got ambitious financial targets – and you can help us achieve them. How? By providing insight into performance and trends, managing treasury and revenue, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, overseeing financial operations – and so much more. Our finance organization helped us pull in $23 billion in revenue last year – and they’ll help us reach $30+ billion by 2020. Are you up for the challenge?


Which financial column do you fit in?

We have many different finance teams to choose from. No matter which you choose, you’ll help grow our business – and your career. Explore four of our most popular choices below. 

Global Finance Rotational Program

Are you a recent graduate with a bachelor degree in business administration? Do you want to work with big goals – and big budgets – to help us make the right moves in the digital economy? 

Do your research.

How will you crunch the numbers?

Find out what sort of tools and technology you’ll use in a corporate finance career at SAP. Hint: we make life easy for you with the latest and greatest innovations in financial management. 

Best-in-Class Finance Tools

Our finance pros use SAP’s best-selling technology and solutions to excel in their careers. Learn how our software for FP&A, financial close, treasury and risk management, finance operations, and GRC can make your job easier – and more fun. 

Lightning-Fast Analytics

SAP is the market leader in business analytics – and as a member of our finance team, you’ll have access to the newest toys. Use them to predict the financial impact of decisions, analyze data on the fly, and understand risk in real time. 

Big Data Solutions for Finance

We’re a big company – and our finance teams deal with oceans of Big Data every day. But don’t worry, you’re in good hands. SAP solutions use in-memory technology to make financial Big Data collection, management, and analysis a breeze. 

SAP Investor Relations

The SAP Investor Relations site provides information and services for institutional, socially responsible, and individual investors. Learn about our financial performance, browse quarterly and annual reports, and track our financial news.

2018 Integrated Report

We believe that sustainable business practices start with transparency and accountability. So to show how sustainability integrates into our core business, we present our financial and non-financial performance in a single, integrated report.

The people behind SAP finance

Get a head start on your career at SAP.

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University programs

How do we keep our entrepreneurial spirit? We hire millennials and young professionals who think differently and push businesses to do things smarter and more sustainably. Check out our university programs to get a head start. 

Life at SAP

We go to great lengths to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed – in your own way. Flourish in an environment that encourages free expression, collaboration, individuality, and diversity. Learn how we operate, innovate, work, play, and give back – to make sure we’re the right fit for you.


Want to work in your hometown, on the other side of the world, or somewhere in between? SAP has offices on most continents, in more than 78 countries – and we’re continuously expanding our presence in new and exciting places. 
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