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Aman Kumar

Head of SAP Operations Innovation, SAP
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At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

Born with serious congenital conditions, Aman Kumar had the odds of life stacked against him. Double vision, a stutter and breathing difficulties were just some of daily challenges that he had to cope with. But with resilience, determination and support, his life today is one that his doctors would never have dared believe.
His list of achievements runs long. After receiving both undergraduate and masters degrees from Stanford with honors, distinction, and Phi Beta Kappa in computer science and symbolic systems, Aman continued his education with an MBA from Harvard. He then worked at several well-known technology companies and was a special advisor to the Republic of Estonia and startups in Silicon Valley and Boston. Today, Aman is head of SAP Operations Innovation in the SAP Office of the CFO. In this role, he promotes SAP’s agility, efficiency, and creativity. Aman advises members of the executive board on innovation and transformation. He is tasked with designing and scaling novel approaches to address SAP's most pressing challenges and opportunities.
At SAP, Aman has thrived. He explains, “When it comes to working at a big company, it’s easy to get compartmentalized and only work on one thing, but SAP is an organization where you can be more than the sum of your parts.” He is motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to do better, along with the opportunities that SAP offers its employees.
A lifelong stutterer, Aman doesn’t let this disability define him, and is a proud member of the board of directors of the American Institute for stuttering and the advisory board of the National Stuttering Association.
Aman was drawn to SAP because it is more global, multi-cultural, and inclusive than other tech companies. “SAP has a number of initiatives in place to make sure that all employees feel not only welcomed but considered and heard in our offices,” says Aman. “There is more care and attention to diversity of ability beyond race and ethnicity but to those who are disabled and neuro-diverse.”
Aman Kumar

Sometimes you feel like you have to explain it, explain away the elephant in the room. It’s not that way here, not for a second

Aman Kumar

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