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SAP Payment Services

Launch your SAP project now and pay later – with our flexible payment plans and financing options

SAP Payment Services will help any business unleash innovation and leverage the latest and best technology platforms sooner with our flexible financing and payment plans that fit your business*. SAP Payment Services allows your business to spread the cost of any cloud, analytics, SAP HANA, technology platform and implementation project over several years. Shrink your initial outlay, stretch your budget – and unleash innovation to transform how your business creates, performs, and connects.

  • Tailor your payment options to meet your cash-flow plans – for greater financial flexibility
  • Align your project costs with operational benefits by making payments over time
  • Simplify budgeting with predictable project financing payments
  • Reap the benefits of SAP software right now – without impacting your cash flow
  • Facilitate payment plans for your future SAP projects

Talk to our team now to understand what SAP Payment Services can do for your business

SAP Payment Services Program Options


Choose Which Elements to Include

Select the combination of elements your business wants to include in the payment plan*: SAP software (on-premise or in the cloud), 3rd party software, hardware, professional services, maintenance up to 12 months; it’s all possible.

Delay Your Initial Payment

Delay the start of your payments until your solution is up and running, to a maximum of 12 months after your project start date*. Your business can shift payments to a later budget period and align them with the return on investment of your solution.

Choose Your Repayment Period

Select the payment term that makes the most sense for your business – from 90 days to 60 months, depending on your country*.

* Note: The availability of payment plan options is subject to qualification and credit approval is required. The payment services program is not available in all countries. Inquire about program availability with your local SAP team.

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