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Monitorowanie wyróżnienia zrzutu ekranu rozwiązania SAP Data Intelligence

Przekształć chaos w dane w wartość dzięki analizom danych

Użyj struktury danych do łączenia, odkrywania, rozszerzania i organizowania rozproszonych zasobów danych w celu uzyskania przydatnych analiz biznesowych.

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud Technical Requirements

Our technical information and documentation can guide you through implementing, managing, and configuring SAP Data Intelligence Cloud.

Getting started with SAP Data Intelligence Cloud

Learn about key functionality and how to navigate within SAP Data Intelligence Cloud.

Modeling data pipelines

Find out how to create data processing pipelines and graphs within a runtime and design-time environment. 

Using machine learning capabilities

Explore key machine learning functionality in SAP Data Intelligence Cloud and understand what it can help you achieve.

Implementation and Integration

Simplify implementation and integration of your solution by referring to detailed descriptions, requirements, and steps.

Administration guide

Read the SAP Data Intelligence Cloud administration guide for information on creating connections, using the policy management tool, and more.

Repository objects

Learn about the built-in operators, graphs, and controls offered by modeling functionality within SAP Data Intelligence Cloud.

Data governance

Discover how to help ensure compliant and secure data processes with data governance features within SAP Data Intelligence Cloud.

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