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All the latest technologies and services in one intelligent system

SAP Leonardo, our digital innovation system, integrates breakthrough technologies and runs them seamlessly in the cloud. It offers design thinking methodology and SAP expertise to help you rapidly adopt new capabilities and business models – and accelerate your digital transformation. Plus, you’ll remain on the cutting edge as we add new technologies to the portfolio.

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SAP Cloud Platform

Innovate quickly on this open, in-memory cloud platform – which serves as the foundation for all SAP Leonardo technologies. 

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Internet of Things

Use IoT technology to connect things with people and processes, and take advantage of the Industrial IoT and Internet of Everything (IoE).

Machine Learning

Embed easy-to-consume machine learning capabilities into your business – and take advantage of AI-based insights.


Deploy analytics across your business to uncover better insights – and develop new processes and apps based on intelligence.

Big Data

Connect to, process, manage, and store a wider range of data than ever before – from any source, structured or unstructured.

Design Thinking

Get expert help with design thinking services such as solution ideation, rapid prototyping, and business case development. 


Embed blockchain services into your applications to speed up transactions and increase trust, visibility, and security. 

Data Intelligence

Extract insights from a large network of anonymized data. Find ways to solve your business problems, monetize data, and more.  

Innovate, integrate, and scale with SAP Leonardo

Use SAP Leonardo to augment and automate processes, make your existing applications more intelligent, quickly adopt game-changing applications – or develop solutions to power new business models.
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Get an expert take on digital transformation

What are the benefits of blockchain, machine learning, and other transformational technologies – and how are they impacting business? Get answers from experts and analysts in this e-book.

Navigating the digital renaissance

Named after the original “Renaissance Man” – Leonardo da Vinci – SAP Leonardo is built to help companies navigate the new, digital renaissance and become digital businesses.

Meet SAP Leonardo, our digital innovation system

SAP Leonardo is the world’s only system that integrates today’s transformational technologies. Learn more about it – and how it can help you confidently redefine your business.

Rapidly design, prototype, and deploy industry-specific solutions

Our digital innovation system is flexible and open – so you can easily build solutions specific to any industry or business need. To facilitate even faster development, accelerators are available for Retail, Consumer Products, Discrete Manufacturing, Sports and Entertainment, Travel and Transportation, Utilities, and Chemicals. These scalable, fixed-price solutions include cloud subscription licenses, design thinking services, and more.

Get exclusive access to SAP Leonardo support and resources

Get the facts


is the potential economic impact of the IoT by 2025.



is the estimated market value for machine learning by 2020.



of all global GDP will be stored in blockchains by 2027.

World Economic Forum

See how customers are using SAP Leonardo technologies

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Bringing the supply chain closer to end customers

Breakthrough digital capabilities in SAP Leonardo help Jabil, a US-based manufacturer, transmit 3D printing code in seconds, harness IoT, and power robotics.

Drilling into real-time business data

See how this British gas distribution network is using SAP technologies to make decisions based on what’s happening right now – and what will happen next.

Making smart agricultural machinery

Stara is one of Brazil’s largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Hear how they’re using SAP to equip farmers with high tech tools – and help feed the world.

Assess the business value of going digital

Find out how businesses are using digital technologies to stand out — and learn about the challenges and solutions executives have encountered on the road to digitization.
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4 ways leaders set themselves apart

In a global SAP and Oxford Economics survey, only 3% of executives said they had achieved enterprise-wide digitization. Explore their approach, results – and the four factors central to their success.

Q&A with SAP CEO Bill McDermott

In this Q&A, we talk with SAP CEO Bill McDermott to get his perspective on digital transformation and the future. Hear about SAP’s digital strategy, solutions, and customer ambitions.

Explore the latest news and trends from technology experts

Learn more about SAP Leonardo technologies and services

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