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Why SAP Support?

Explore self-service, real-time support options to address your business’ unique needs and get the most value from SAP IoT Application Enablement.

Support Offerings

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API business service offerings

Select and configure an API end point to test APIs against the data available in your tenancy. By default, an API sandbox is selected to enable the experience.

SAP Enterprise Support

Get proactive, remote support for the entire lifecycle of SAP IoT Application Enablement. Use multiple channels and resources to optimize your deployment.

Maintenance and Support

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SAP Support Portal

Visit SAP Support Portal and SAP ONE Support Launchpad to search our knowledge base, find solutions to issues, and report incidents.

SAP Help Portal

Access SAP Help Portal to stay up to date on the latest information on installation, upgrades, and product availability for your help desk ticket system.

SAP Early Adopter Care

Influence and adopt support desk innovations from SAP throughout the product lifecycle at no extra charge. Sign up to upgrade to take advantage of this program.

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