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SAP CRM: Service

Build and inspire loyalty with the customer service capabilities in our on-premise CRM solution

Support all facets of customer service management – from helpdesk to field service – with the service capabilities in our on-premise CRM software. Gain a 360° view of customers, resolve issues on first contact, and offer more targeted services and products. 

Why SAP CRM for Service?

Because to meet and exceed high customer expectations, you need to deliver personalized, multi-channel service better than the competition. With the service capabilities in SAP CRM, you can:


Integrate service management and execution processes – and gain front-end visibility into back-end operations

Deliver complete and consistent service operations across all contact channels – from the call center to the Web

Uncover valuable business insights with powerful analytics and integration with SAP BusinessObjects software


Product Capabilities


Key service capabilities in SAP CRM:

Service Sales and Marketing
Define specific services for profitable customer segments and easily leverage existing communication and sales channels. The result? More effective service sales and marketing – and more revenue-driven services.
  • Service marketing and campaigns
    Develop and execute service marketing campaigns that target your installed-base.
  • Lead and opportunity management
    Track, qualify, and distribute leads to your best sales professionals, and monitor conversion into service revenue.
  • Quotation management
    Generate accurate quotations, capture customer service orders, and track orders through to fulfillment.
  • Solution-based sales
    Drive service revenue by bundling solutions with complementary services and contracts – and provide complete support from quotation to contract creation.
  • Cross- and up-selling
    Create customized cross- and up-sell offers and product proposals in real time – to maximize sales.

 1-Minute Demo: Cross-Selling

Service Contracts and Agreements

Build long-term customer relationships. Instead of only selling services ad hoc, ensure long-term customer retention by offering standardized or tailor-made solutions with a broader timeframe.

  • Service agreements and contracts
    Automatically verify entitlements, monitor service levels, and alert agents when a customer's contract is set to expire.
  • Service plan management
    Schedule and plan preventive maintenance at periodic or counter-based intervals.
  • Usage-based contract management
    Define services and specific usage conditions, and bill based on prepaid versus actual usage.
  • Contract renewals and changes
    Simplify processes for renewing expiring service contracts, and for making single or mass contract changes.
Installation and Maintenance

Provide customers with the support they need and expect – by ensuring installation and maintenance information is available anytime, anywhere.

  • Installed-base management
    Manage and track customer assets and their respective configurations by customer, location, and product.
  • Configuration and installation maintenance
    Store and manage installed-base information in graphical representation, such as serial numbers and warranty assignments.
  • Integrated service processes
    Use installed bases as a reference in service processes and assign them to service contracts and maintenance plans.
  • Counter readings
    Capture and store measurements and counter readings of customers’ objects to ensure adequate follow-up.
  • 3D visualization
    Enable comprehensive visual representations of products, components, and work instructions.
Customer Service and Support

Transform your help desk processes to get a 360-degree view of all customers requesting service – and deliver service faster and more accurately.

  • 360-degree customer view
    Provide integrated, accurate, and accessible information on service history, contract and service entitlements, service levels, installed base, and warranties.
  • Service request and complaint management
    Create, categorize, prioritize, dispatch, and resolve service requests. Address customer complaints and trigger follow-up activities.
  • Service order management
    Initiate field service and in-house repair processes, schedule service appointments, and trigger and monitor escalations.
  • Knowledge management
    Store and maintain knowledge articles, and enable search and auto-suggest capabilities to help agents quickly identify solutions to common problems.
  • Multichannel support
    Deliver customer service over the phone, online, in the field, and via partner channels.
Field Service Management

Provide your field service managers with the tools and insight they need to improve service response and delivery times, comply with quality standards, and reduce operational service costs.

  • Service order management
    Manage tasks, parts, third-party services, and tools for planned or unplanned services. Assign contracts and warranties and trigger follow-up processes.
  • Resource scheduling and dispatching
    Consider service levels, resource availability, and technician skills when scheduling service appointments. Efficiently dispatch resources using Gantt charts, geo-maps, and optimization tools.
  • Mobile field service
    Provide service-related information to field technicians, confirm services provided, and manage vehicle inventory.
  • Onsite execution and confirmation
    Leverage information and tools to expedite service orders, as well as confirm time worked, materials used, and expenses for services performed.
  • Workforce deployment server
    Schedule appointments for service technicians to visit customers with unresolved service issues. 
Returns and Depot Repair

Optimize inbound and outbound logistics to facilitate product returns and repairs. Support field technicians when a product cannot be repaired on-site and needs to be fixed in-house.

  • Repair order management
    Automate the entire in-house repair process, from creating the order and checking for warranties to customer billing.
  • Return processing and logistics integration
    Monitor and check parts availability, process returns, track delivery of returned and repaired products, and more.
  • Escalation management
    Monitor and escalate repair orders based on service level agreements.
  • Quality notification management
    Execute quality notifications, including product recalls, to address known product defects on the market.
Warranty and Claim Management

Manage customer claims and process recalls quickly and cost-effectively in cases where something is wrong with a product or legal requirements have changed.

  • Customer and vendor warranty management
    Maintain customer and vendor warranties, and automatically determine entitlements during service transactions.
  • Product and warranty registration
    Register products and automatically assign warranties based on various dates, such as installation or purchase date.
  • Warranty claim processing
    Manage the entire customer claim process, from returns to repairs and billing. Reduce warranty costs by automatically identifying valid entitlements against vendors.
  • Credit and debit posting
    Enable accurate, timely refunds and reimbursements with tightly integrated financial management processes.
  • Recall handling
    Create and distribute product service letters to initiate recall campaigns.
Service Logistics and Finance

Run a profitable service business by integrating all business needs – purchasing, sales, accounting, controlling, warehousing, quality management, and human resources – with logistical and financial processes.

  • Parts logistics management
    Integrate with ERP logistics capabilities from multiple CRM service transactions – to better manage part movements, inventory, and procurement.
  • Financial management
    Streamline controlling, invoicing, revenue recognition, and cost allocation. Support flexible billing options, and assess contract and warranty conditions.
  • Service parts management
    Streamline planning, procurement, warehousing, fulfillment, and transportation of service parts.

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